She went to the mailbox and she grabbed the stack of mail knowing that most of it would be the monthly bills. She was always stressed at the end of the month and the beginning of the next month.

While she was going through her divorce and before her husband died he managed to cash in all of their investments without paying taxes. This left her with no choice but to take a loan out against her home.

She lived on a meager twenty-four hundred dollars a month and supporting three people on that income was not easy. Between the house note, homeowners insurance and car insurance she was left with very little to live on.

Once she paid off the electric, gas, cable and cell phone bills she had just enough left over to keep food on the table.  The three of them had gone through the last two Christmases without so much a s a tree as there was no money for gifts to put under one.

The thought of Christmas became a distraction as the cold weather moving in only reminded her of how she was unable to provide at the holidays. She had spent the last six Christmases alone and she hated the feeling of such emptiness.

She felt so bad but her kids were fine without opening gifts on Christmas morning. She did make a nice dinner that only her son and herself ate. Her daughter went to her boyfriend’s house and she was part of their family. She was always given presents and she felt accepted and loved.

She walked  in through the back door and headed towards the counter to look over the mail. She was always so happy to see a meager rebate check as it  meant she would be able to buy pizza for dinner for a change.

She refused to be like so many other women and hook up with some guy so he would pay their bills. She would never lower herself to that level and she would do whatever was needed to make her bills every month.

She had a submissive that met her and he fell for her like a kid in a candy store. He was an insurance broker and he was able to save her over three thousand dollars a  year on home and auto insurance.

He adored his mistress and he wanted her to collar him. He wanted to show that he was hers and hers alone and he agreed to have his scrotum pierced. Being a true collared submissive was shown by wearing a collar but no one could wear one every day.

Being pierced no one would know except him and his mistress and he was thrilled to show his devotion to her. She was fearful that he would fall so hard for her that he would leave his family behind and she told him that she would drop him if he made any type of changes to his home life to be with her.

She had always had a dominant personality and she always sought how strong men but she ended up marrying a submissive man. She liked that he made life easier for her as far as cleaning and doing the laundry.

She didn’t like how  weak he was mentally and she had no respect for him. She needed a strong man who understood her and loved her for who she was. She spent her time improving her domme skills and she was damn good at what she did.

She was a very intelligent woman and she understood the psychology of humans as well as animals. She knew how to push the right buttons to get the reaction that she so desired from an individual.

She made extra cash taking on sessions of bdsm and she had been building a following. She had regular clients that appreciated how she made them feel as she accepted their fetishes.

With each session she got better and better and she enjoyed herself. She enjoyed watching her client enjoying himself. She had some that wanted her to expose her breasts but she refused to let them see her bare-chested.

She refused to do golden showers or breast feed the adult diaper boys. She never did anything that included her body being used or penetrated by anyone. She did use a strap on occasionally but she always placed a plastic sheet over the bed and then a clean white sheet on top.

Once she was done doing strap on play and the client was gone she would take and launder the sheets. She was very clean and hygiene meant a lot to her. She would wear gloves before touching her clients member or ass.

She washed everything wearing gloves and she used soap and water and then she used bleach to clean her strap on. She cleaned all of her toys used in a session and she then disposed of the trash.

Her clients had no idea how much the money from a session meant to her. She enjoyed chatting with most of them but she did have one or two she refused to see again.