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She got on the double-decker red bus that traveled through the streets of London. It was public transit so many used to get from one place to another inexpensively. She liked being among the people as she was a people watcher and enjoyed psychology.

People were so obvious even when they thought no one noticed them. A persons nervous foot moving up and down, the finger nail biter, the man who kept wringing his hands. These actions told so much about each and every person doing what they needed to be free of the thoughts that drove them to distraction.

The bus came to a full stop and she exited the top of the bus using the stairs carefully so she wouldn’t tumble down them. She walked towards the doors of Harrods and there he stood waiting for her.

He liked all of the finer things in life and he told her he would send a car for her but she had refused. He offered her the best that life had to offer but she almost always refused.

He couldn’t understand how she could so easily turn down his gifts. He couldn’t understand why she would wear an old robe that was full of holes and stains. He couldn’t understand why she preferred to drive an old Taurus that was rusty and obviously weather worn.

She did allow him to take her to the most expensive and outrageous places he frequently visited. She only did this to please him but she never felt comfortable in the rich and famous lifestyle.

He wanted so badly to give her so much but it would never be. She was at home on a farm next to nature. She was at peace within herself when they did nothing more than walk hand in hand not saying a word.

The fall weather had moved in and she so enjoyed wearing a black pea coat and gloves as they chatted and became so animated when describing different scenes and settings. The stories they shared ran the gambit from funny to sad and they knew each of them had experienced much sadness in their lives.

They walked past Serpentine Lake and it was so beautiful as the surface was like glass as not a single breeze was blowing.  Their walk took them to speakers corner and she so wanted to be silly. She wanted to get on her soap box and voice her political views that no one cared about.

She was the type of woman who was a perfect lady when the occasion called for it and she could be so perverted and raunchy at other times. She kept most laughing as she was silly most of the time.

As they walked she spotted a tree that would be perfect for her to shove him up against. He wasn’t in the know of what was on her mind and as the tree came into their path she grabbed him and shoved him up against it.

She told him to put his arms over his head as she was going to frisk him for weapons. He looked at her like she had lost her mind but all she did was smirk. She told him she was going to check every crevice of his body for weapons and he was to follow her direction or their would be dire consequences.

She started at his shoulders and worked her way down to his ankles as she felt for the hidden weapon. She worked her way up to his crotch and she began to grope him and massage his “hidden weapon”.

He didn’t know how to react as they were in public but there wasn’t anyone around to see what she was doing.  She began to kiss his neck and work her way around his ear lobe and to his lips.

She was an excellent kisser and she kept rubbing his weapon as she took him in with her lips. It was like kissing a delicate flower as she was so slow and smooth with her kisses.

They were so sexually aroused they could have had sex right where they stood but they knew they couldn’t get away with it. She took him by the hand and lead him back to One Hyde Park and to his penthouse.

They acted like two kids getting caught with their hand in the cookie jar. They were a cute couple and once inside his penthouse she grabbed him and pushed him up against the wall.

She took her scarf off and put it around his neck and drew him close to her. She slowly undid the buttons of his Barrel-Cuff blue dress shirt kissing his chest after each button. She was erotic and sensual which made sex so damn hot with her. She knew how to touch a man and how much pressure to apply on any one part of his body.

His Givenchy cuban-fit leather panelled denim jeans hugged his ass and made his package look delectable. She couldn’t wait to remove his clothing and take in the beauty of his body.

She took him by the hand and led him into the bedroom and shoved him onto the bed. She removed his Brooks Brothers Edward Green Inverness wingtip bals and tossed them into the corner.

She pulled off his pants and shirt and added them to corner stash as well.  He sat there naked and she allowed her eyes to drink in his lovely physique. He was forty-six but he took very good care of his body as well as his health.

She stepped back and slid her hands up under her dress and to his dismay she slid down her satin and lace pink panties.  She took her panties and put them over his positioning the crotch over his nose.

She told him to breath in her essence and she told him he would have to beg her if he wanted her to sit on his lap.  He was so turned on by the smell of her panties he began to request of her to sit on his lap.

She told him to ask her louder as she couldn’t hear him very well. He asked her several times to please sit on his lap. He got louder with each word and she finally put one knee on the bed and positioned herself over him.

She put the other knee on the bed and she began to slowly rub the entrance of her pleasure on his secret weapon. She rubbed herself back and forth on his hardness and he begged her to let him enter the warmth of her body.

She sat on his lap and undid the buttons on the front of her dress and she released her breasts from the confinement of the material. He loved her breasts and asked her if he could touch her. 

She allowed him to touch her breasts and he began to massage her breasts and pinch her nipples. This excited her as he knew it would and she slid her hand up under her dress and found his secret weapon.

She held his cock up so she could lower herself upon him and ride him like the  toro that he was. She moved back and forth on him and before she knew it both of them were exploding with orgasms.

She fell to his right side and he put his arm around her telling her how much he enjoyed being with her. She began to laugh and asked him if he wanted to  do some more role-playing the next time they met.

He said yes and that he was up to playing any game she thought would be a turn on for both of them. She placed her hand on his chest and kissed his cheek and they  laid side by side in silence until they drifted off into an afternoon nap.