He watched her every move from a distance, that distance could be across the street or across the world. He traveled extensively and he was very good with computers and was able to make anyone reading his location to think he was in one place when actually he was in another.

He used several different phones to read what she wrote just in case she was tracking visitors to her sites.  He didn’t want to leave anything to chance because he had finally realized that she was a very  intelligent woman.

She had learned so much about scammers, liars and computer hackers over the past four years.  She used to be so naive and actually thought she had made numerous friends on Facebook but then she finally realized they were all the same one or two people.

He tried to figure out her email password so he could read her mail and find out if she was dating and mating with anyone. He just wasn’t smart enough to figure out that she knew how to use passwords to protect herself.

She wasn’t one to  use the name of her kids, pets, schools or anything that would be simple to figure out as a password. He would laugh if he knew the password she was currently using. He would never in a million years figure it out as it was so simple yet so complex.

He enjoyed reading her little stories as they touched the core that he had hidden from so many for so long. He was a kinky fucker behind the face that smiled and was so pleasant to so many.

He had been with women that were so easy to disrobe and to fuck as they wanted what he had or could give them. She, on the other hand had no desire to be with him for a lifestyle that was a fantasy for most.

She had a simple lifestyle and she was very happy with that. She enjoyed watching the sun set, walking her dogs, listening to music and cooking.  She was the perfect woman for the average man, hell for any man.

He wanted to taste her, touch her, kiss her and talk with her but he was just to afraid that he would never be enough for her. It was funny how they thought about each other daily yet had never met.

They had so much in common especially music and dancing. Both of them loved music and their bodies would sway to the beat on its own without guidance from either of them. They needed a certain type of love that only soul mates felt for each other but both feared the rejection of the other.


They had been raised similar and even though they were raised on different continents they had a connection that spanned the seas. He would lie with younger women and enjoy the attention he received from them.

He enjoyed being older and superior and leading the foolish young women down the path he had chosen. He was tiring of these women and wanted a mature woman who knew how to make love to him without guidance.

He didn’t speak her language fluently and that was one thing that held him back from meeting her. He just hadn’t found the time to improve on her language and he had been spending his time playing the field of a single man.

He didn’t want to spend another winter season alone and he was trying to push himself, actually force himself to take the step he had wanted to for years. He knew she wouldn’t wait for him and she would find someone to fill the emptiness of the right side of her bed.

She had been practicing his language but she wasnt good enough to hold a conversation. She knew random words and could figure out what was being discussed at times.

The pull between these two people was set in motion long ago before either of them knew about  akai ito or unmei no akai ito. They were meant to be with each other but he was just so afraid of being rejected.

Little did he know she felt the same way and she knew she had what he needed, what he wanted. She was a secure woman but even secure women have their insecurities. She knew she was no longer a woman with a tight body and small titties.

She was a mature woman, a mother, once a wife, several times a lover. She hated being alone and her sub had cared for her like no one ever had. He was very good to her and he did all he could to make her life easier.

There relationship was unique and non sexual but what a relationship they had. There was a connection between these two people who was a fantastic friendship and beyond. 

She fed his fetishes and he made sure she had what she needed to make her life easier. He wasn’t wealthy but he provided for her when she needed his help. He cared for her and she cared for him but the relationship would never be one that crossed over into sexual.

She was moving on in her life and no longer letting her soul mate hold her back until he was ready for her to be in his life. She allowed others to befriend her finally and she began to trust once again.

He was going to meet her one day, one way or another because he just couldn’t let a woman of her caliber walk past him. He wanted to give her the best fuck she had ever had but he hadn’t realized that he wanted more than sex from her.

He wanted the romance, the sex, the understanding, the friendship, the woman. He wanted what she had to offer but he was so afraid of her at the same time. She knew the power she had over men and he was no exception.

He needed to be needed by a woman like her and she needed to meet him and to put to rest what she felt, or so she thought. There was something special between the scorpio and the aquarius and they just fit so well together.

The aquarius, libra, leo and the scorpio, sagittarius, pisces had such a blending that was so perfect but neither of them knew how perfect they would actually be together. He just needed to give himself a chance and she just needed to give him that change and she was finally ready to do so.