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He had the same fantasy since his early teens and now being a grown man he was finally going to reach out and explore his sexual desires. He was kinky and his wife had no desire to feed any of his kinky fantasies.

There relationship was on its way out even though they hadn’t filed for divorce yet there was just nothing left between the two of them. He visited a domme but his fantasy was never fulfilled and he was left feeling flat.

He finally got up the nerve to contact another domme and try to  experience what had been in his mind for years. He was to shy and to nervous to talk to her face to face and had to talk to her on the phone first.

He had a difficult time telling her about his fantasies but as they talked he felt more comfortable and he began to share what he wanted to explore with her. He wanted to know if she would order him to dress in her under garments and pretend to catch him in her clothing.

She would humiliate him and order him to stroke his cock in her panties and to cum. She would then order him to take off the panties and either rub the cum in his face or order him to eat his own cum.

He wanted to taste his own orgasm and he wanted to be humiliated for being a sissy and wearing her clothes. He wanted her to wear a skirt or dress and have a strap on under her skirt.

She would lift her skirt for him and order him to get on his knees and suck her strap on. He was not unlike so many men with the fantasy of sucking cock but he didn’t want to suck a mans cock.

He had a huge foot and panty fetish and she would make him put on a pair of clean panties and she would slide of her panties and shove them in his face to smell. She would then order him to his her feet and suck her toes.

He would massage her feet and thank her for allowing him to feed the sissy within himself. She would give him everything he had dreamed about for so long and she was very good at feeding the kinky in anyone.

He thanked her for giving him everything he had so desired and he planned on seeing her on a bi-monthly basis. This woman was so self-assured and so in control and she gave dominant a totally new meaning which was such a turn on for him.