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I think the biggest business in this world is religion and so many are controlled by it. Religion teaches that the body and mind are separate and that sexual acts in a relationship must be related to reproduction.

The life I live is wrapped within the mind-set of Tantra.  The body and mind are to be one and this is what brings so much pleasure to the sexual side of us. The church demonizes sex, attempts to make sex beyond evil but without sex we have no true connection with our mate.

We cannot deny our sexual side and how it makes or breaks our relationships. So many of us are taught to hide our bodies under clothing, to deny the beauty within us if we aren’t stick thin like the models portray the “perfect womans physique”.

I am quite accepting of my body and I am more than aware of the power that is hidden with me. I can control any man with my sensual side. I do not use sex to control or use it to make promises of trade.

I know how to “work the sheets” with the one I am with physically and I know how to make any man relax and totally enjoy his experience with me. I am not bragging because  bragging is nothing more than  seriously hollow words.

I speak the truth as I have been told by so many how sexy I am. Sexy isn’t something that is so much  visual as it is an attitude. Yes, we can look at people, clothing or other items and find them sexy but when you look at me you can feel the sexy that  exudes from my body.

You do not have to have constant sexual involvement with another to be sexy and you certainly do not have to conform to others ideal perception of sexy.  Be you, be yourself, allow yourself to explore your sexuality.

When you are in a sexual mode with the one that means everything to you then and only then can you combine your thoughts and body.  There should be a total acceptance of ourselves, complete and whole in our entirety from mind to body to soul.

So many have sex with the orgasm as the goal but that is to cheat ones self of the tantra experience. You have to have a mind-set that goes way beyond achieving the orgasm.

You have to be comfortable with who you are and a strong belief in yourself which so many do not have. You have to be determined and head strong and not allow anyone to tear you down.

You have to know that your sexuality is powerful and commanding and it is given to you to explore and to build upon. Do not shy away from what your body feels and needs, go out and feed that desire and explore the depths of tantra sex.