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She walked into her bedroom with only one thing on her mind and that was to find the perfect clothing.  She was going to be by her subs side when he went to his Dr. appointment.

This was not a typical check up or visit to the dr. for a cold or flu, o no this was a full body check for signs of the big “C”.  She had watched both of her grandparents as well as parents pass from cancer and it was not pleasant.

She had nursed her dying husband the last month of his life and she knew how fast the deadly disease could take one down. So many forget that cancer affects the family as well as the one it has taken possession of.


She wanted to look good for her sub as she was always a distraction for him. He enjoyed her company and he loved to make her laugh.  They would go to dinner, shopping, do a session or just spend time together.

It wasn’t a romantic relationship and he knew he was her sub but he would occasionally forget or ignore this and try to switch on her. He was a very intelligent Aquarius male and yes he was the typical kinky aquarius that refused to live the remainder of his life in the vanilla world 24/7.

She had a way of making him feel secure when he felt insecure and health issues always worried him until the dr. appointment was over with.  He had bouts of skin cancer which had been removed but there was always that nagging worry in the back of his mind.

She could understand his worry and she knew that his wife always made him suffer from anxiety before seeing his dr. and this wasn’t enjoyable in the least. His mistress was always calm and supportive and she had a way of making things look better than they were.

She had picked out a long black dress and she hung it on the back of the bathroom door. She went over to her dresser drawer and opened her garter, stockings drawer and she looked over the garters.

She picked out a nice black garter and a pair of black stocking then she moved to the next drawer which held her panties. She picked out a nice black thong and a pair of leopard print panties.

As she walked over to her bed she removed her robe letting it slip off her shoulders to the floor.  She stood naked and ran her hands over her curvaceous body. The days of being thin were long gone and she now had a womanly body of substance.

Sitting on the edge of her bed she picked up her black thong and slipped it over her one foot then the other. She stood and pulled it up over her thighs and hips and positioned what little bit of crotch material there was.

Putting on her garter belt always made her feel so damn sexy and the feel of the black stockings sliding over her feet always made her feel so seductive. She hooked the stockings to the garter then walked back to her dresser.

She opened her bra drawer and picked out a half cup black and red little number. She didnt wear bras often but when she did it was to make a statement. She put on the bra as she headed to the bathroom door.

Removing her dress from the hanger she turned to walk towards her closet and grab a pair of black heels.  She threw the shoes on the bed and put on her dress then slipped on her heels.

She stood up and ran her hands down each side of her body and then positioned her boobs in the bra. She walked back to her bathroom and picked up the bottle of cologne and gently applied it behind each ear and to the inside of each wrist.

She then walked back into her bedroom with the clicking sound of her heels in her ears. She picked up her over night bag and headed out to meet her sub. They would be spending the night at a hotel close to the dr. office.  No, there would be no sexual acts performed as it was strictly a domme/sub relationship.

They would go out and have a nice dinner and then return to the room for a very seductive and private photo shoot. She was in need of new photos and he was more than eager to help her.

She had another sub that was a professional photographer but he lived in another state and was in the process of securing a job in the same state as she. He would photograph in a professional nature but that day had yet to come.

Her sub was a secure and mature Aquarius male, they had a way of connecting that was quite unique and rare. They knew what each other was thinking and they would say what the other was going to say.

They had a fantastic relationship and he watched out for her at every turn. He had made life fun again and he always had her best interest at heart.  She would promote his business every chance she got and she cared about him.

There would never be a dr. appointment that he would attend alone as she would always be there for him. They had built a friendship that was rare indeed and very few people had the type of connection that they did.

He knew that she was a domme and he was a sub and that is how the relationship would stay, which was fine with him.  She had invited him to go to his first bdsm party and he was looking forward to it.

She was going to make arrangements for him to do some spanking at the party because that was a secret desire of his.  He did so much more for her then her for him but they gave each other what was needed.

This is how a domme/sub relationship should be like, caring, giving, taking without jealousy or control issues. They had what so many people envied and they knew that their relationship was not only special but quite unique.