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We used to be so carefree as we ran through the field chasing the butterflys. We tried to catch them and hold their delicate beauty in our hands. We used to jump in mud puddles and chase raindrops when we were young.

In our youth we lived so carefree and the world was full of wonder and excitement. As children we were happy with the simple life of hotdogs and ice cream. Pizza and a coke made for a nice evening with the fam.

So many of us were loved and worshipped and we were the ones that were others fantasy and desires. The fans would make way for our entrance and so many wanted to touch us.

Some of us lived a life of grandeur and we lost ourselves among the crowd. We thought of ourselves as kings and queens when actually we were nothing more than gifted from God.

We lead the stadium to its feet and we were thought of as someone special and deserving. Some of us look back at our lives as if it were a series of film clips and for some of us yes that is exactly how are lives were, a movie.

When we were young it was the music that helped to define us. It was the beat that we danced to but now that we older we look back with fondness. Sometimes we desire to go back and enjoy our youth one more time.

When we were young we were reckless and took so much for granted. Now we realize what is important yet some of us still cannot obtain it.  We hope, dream and wish for a new way, a new day but we are now older and finally looking for something real, something unique between two people.