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Isnt it funny how our pets can control us?  My cat Luna takes a dump and runs around the house like she is leading a Nascar race. Then we have Khloe that makes us get into a pet fest with her.She rubs her head on our hand and wont stop until we pet her over and over. When you stop she gives you a look that says pet me bitches and of course we do.

There are things I let my pets do but if a human did them I would kick the shit out of them.  Luna has this thing for iced tea and insists on dipping her paw in  my glass like she owns it. Then we have Gabriel and Michael now these two are a completely different story.

I never fully potty trained them so to this day I have to pay for my own errors. They will shit on the bathroom rug which of course makes the bathroom turn into a dodge the piles games until I pick it up.

I lay in bed in the morning and Gabriel has already peed on the bathroom door because  my daughter woke him up when she leaves work at 5:30 a.m., his winky is wet of course and he drags it across my cheek as he licks me awake.

I would never allow a guy to drag his cock across my face especially those with a shar pei as I am sure that skin is a catch-all for everything that drips from the dick. If I make the mistake of leaving something I have made to eat on the table unattended shame on me.

My kids have grabbed my plate of food more than once and that so pisses me off. Now let Michael or Gabriel do that and I am annoyed and yell at them but I always forgive them right away.

Isn’t it amazing what we allow our pets to get away with but let our significant other or bestie try that shit and we unleash the beast within ourselves. Like most people with pets my pets come first and I love them to distraction.