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Men love nothing more than the smell of a ladies well-worn panties. Some love to sniff the panties and masturbate. There are men that absolutely adore rubbing a ladies panties on their cock and then cum on the panties.

Her little bitch was no different and he so enjoyed her panties when she allowed him to. She loved to tease him and deny him the right to touch her wet pussy as she made sure he could see her masturbating.

He was under lock and key in the corner of her room and she had angled his cage so he could barely catch a glimpse of her activities.  She so enjoyed walking naked through her home and every once in a while he would get to see her in all of her glory.

She would tease him unmercifully as she made sure he could barely see her slip off her panties. She would climb back on her bed and have her favorite toy with her.  Her magic wand was the greatest gift she had ever given herself. It gave her more pleasure sexually than any man she had ever been with.

She closed her eyes and thoughts of the one man she thought about constantly came to her mind. She could see his lovely naked body in her mind and she ran her hands over her erect nipples.

She loved the smoothness of her body and the thought of him touching her made her ladies sweet treat wet with desire. She had never met this man but she got so excited thinking about mounting him like a prize race horse.

Her hand slowly moved south on her body and her fingers found the moistness. She began to stroke her clit with thoughts of sexual pleasure. She spoke softly to her caged slave and she asked him if he would enjoy fucking her.

He told her it would be his honor to give her what she requested but he knew his cock was so minuscule that it would never please her. She asked him if he would enjoy watching her pleasure herself and of course he said yes.

She got off of her bed and grabbed her toy and headed to her plush sex chair which was much like a gamers chair. She plugged in her magic wand and came back and sat in her chair. 

She spread her legs and her slave gave out a huge sigh and said “mistress!”.  He so wanted to pound that pussy but that would never happen and he knew it.  She asked him if he would be interested in sniffing her panties and he told her it would be such an honor.

She got up from her chair and headed back to her bed and she snatched up the panties. She came over to his cage and unlocked the door and slid the panties over his head.

She made sure the crotch was positioned over his nose so he could sniff and watch her play with herself. She closed and locked the door and once again placed herself in her chair.

She spread her legs wide so he could see her delicate bud and she leaned her bead back and began to fantasize about the unknown man of her dreams. She slowly stroked her wetness and she could hear her slave moan.

He asked her if he was allowed to masturbate and she denied him that pleasure.  His bulging cock dripping pre-cum by the gallon.  She picked up her toy and applied it to her moist clit and the vibration just about drove her insane.

She increased the speed and before she knew it she was having orgasm after orgasm. No man had ever made her squirt or have multiple orgasms but her toy was able to make her crazy with desire.

Her slave began to chew on the crotch of her panties and he watched her pleasure herself. He so wanted to masturbate but she had forbidden it and he knew he had to obey his mistress.

His cock decided it was going to cum regardless if he touched it or not and the next thing he knew he was being hit in the chest with his own cum. His cock milked itself without any help just by him watching his mistress.

She could tell by his face that he was cumming and she sat back and just laughed in her chair.  She asked him if he had enjoyed the private show and he thanked her profusely. She allowed him out of his cage to take a shower and she got up and laid on her bed and took quite the blissful sleep.