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She woke up and turned over thinking about her duties of the coming day. She sat up and pulled up her nightgown so she could slip her feet into her pink plush slippers.

She stood up and lifted her robe from the end of the bed and slipped it on. Walking towards the bathroom she glanced over at her sleeping husband. Her job was to please him as he worked so hard to put food on their table.

Opening the bathroom door she quietly slipped inside to relieve herself. She took a quick shower then removed the scarf from her head and the few rollers she slept with in her hair.

Applying very little makeup she thought of how she could please her husband when he returned from work later that evening.  She slipped on her petticoat and then a dress that was a lovely shade of yellow.

She applied little makeup as to much was never acceptable to her husband. She walked into her closet and slipped off her slippers and slid her feet into low-heeled black pumps.

She left their bedroom and with her daily agenda replaying itself in her mind she grabbed her apron and tied it around her waist.  Opening the cupboard she took out a bowl and then opened the silverware drawer and took out a fork.

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The fridge was around the other side of the island and with her heels clipping the floor she grabbed the gallon of milk.  She was an excellent cook and she made her husband a beautiful breakfast every morning.

This morning was no exception as she made homemade pancakes with real maple syrup, crisp rashers of bacon, whole-wheat toast with her homemade strawberry jam and a tall glass of ice-cold milk to wash it down.

Her timing was impeccable as she was putting the food on the plate as her husband walked into the dining area. She poured him a cup of coffee and went outside to get the morning paper.

She handed the paper to her husband and went back to the kitchen to finish plating his breakfast.  She sat the plate in front of her husband and he kissed her on the cheek like he did every morning.

He always said “good morning dear” and she repeated it back to him like a bird mimicking its owner. He ate his breakfast as he read the morning paper and they chatted about what each had planned for the day.

He finished his breakfast and she removed his plate and refilled his coffee. He took a few sips and then pushed himself away from the table. Being the good wife she went to the hall closet and removed his coat.

She held it up for him to slip into and he kissed her on the cheek and she picked up his briefcase from the couch and handed it to him as he walked out the door.

Her day would be filled with cleaning and cooking as well as finishing up the afghan she had been working on. No house was complete without white doilies strategically placed around the house and an afghan on the back of the davenport.

Her house was spotless and she preferred it that way. She got the kids up and fed them and handed them their lunch boxes as they headed out the door to the bus.

She prepared a dinner of roast beef, mashed potatoes, carrots, homemade rolls and apple pie for desert.  The clock was winding down and her husband would be home soon and he expected her to keep him happy in all areas of his life.

She heard the car pull up in the drive and she was standing at the door when her husband entered. She took his brief case and his coat and placed the brief case on the table next to the door and hung his coat in the hall closet.

She asked how his day was and they talked about his day as she went to the sideboard and prepared him a drink like she did every night for him. She handed him the drink and she turned around and bent over in front of him.

She was removing his shoes as he stared at her naked ass, which was begging him to fuck it.  He grabbed her hips and pulled her back to him so he could bury his face into her feminine area.

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As he licked and sucked on her precious clit he undid the zipper and snap on his pants and let his cock free. He so loved it when she cried out with an orgasm that rocked her entire body.

He would then have her sit on his hard cock and ride him like the bull that he was. She moved back and forth and he so loved how his wife fucked him.

He then ordered her to get up and turn around, which she did quickly and efficiently.  She slipped his cock into her wetness and he undid her white blouse button by button.

He then set her breasts free from their encompassing bra and he suckled on her nipples one at a time.  He so enjoyed living the 50’s lifestyle, as his wife was only interested in providing for her family and taking care of her husband’s sexual drive.

He finally came inside her with an explosive orgasm and being the good wife she rocked his cock until he couldn’t take anymore. She got up and went into the bathroom to wet a washcloth with warm water.

She returned to her husband and washed his cock clean of their shared juices. She then turned around in front of him and said, “dear do you see my pretty little pussy winking at you?”

He gave out a thunderous throaty laugh and told her “yes dear, your pretty little pussy is winking at me, lol”. She then went to work on dinner and he sat back finishing his evening drink and thinking about his wife and how she so pleased him.