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He had lived the life of a wealthy man since his late teens and he had tasted the fruit of many a woman even though he was married.  Being famous made it difficult to stay in a committed relationship without dabbling with other women sexually.

His wife was no fool and she knew her husband fucked other women but she also knew that family was important to both of them. They fought behind closed doors about his cheating and of course he told her that she was imagining his infidelities.

She would never let the public know how she truly felt and her husband did love her but her lack of sexually pleasing him was always something that he missed.

The one thing that latino mothers never did was to prepare their girls for marriage and what was expected of them in the marital bed. They did not explain to their children that not only must they be sexually available to their husbands they needed to be a freak between the sheets as well.

The typical latino wife spread her legs as often as her husband wished but other than that they did nothing to please their husbands sexually desires.  The very thought of sucking cock or using a vibrator was something they never even thought about.

He learned about sex with so many other women and he had been able to try almost anything he desired sexually with the groupies that followed his life.

His wife knew of his illicit affairs with the ladies of London but she knew if she wanted to stay married she would turn a shy eye to his discretions. He spent many hours on the internet looking at porn and masturbating as he traveled frequently and didn’t bring along any of the women he bedded.

He was so fascinated with what he found on the internet he was able to live his kinky lifestyle through the monitor. He was very kinky but didn’t want anyone to know that side of himself.

The one he followed daily on the internet wrote stories that made him wonder if they were fantasy or true.  He didn’t know this woman and he was to fearful of her to meet her face to face.

She knew the two most powerful things in life were money and sex. She had learned long ago the dangers of money and she had learned not to let it lead her life.

She was quite happy with her meager financial lifestyle and she had long ago quit desiring expensive items.  She so loved sex and she enjoyed her daily masturbation ritual which happened several times daily.

She refused to fuck just anyone she hadn’t been with a man sexually in over six years. She knew the right man would come into her life when he was meant to and not a second before.

She had a sub that suffered from the inability to maintain a strong erection which was also known as erectile dysfunction.  She made it clear to him that she would never be sexually involved with him as to do so would change the dynamic of their relationship.

Her sub had fallen in love with her and she knew it but she refused to let him get to close to her. He was married and like most men his age had no sexual relationship with his wife.

She stroked her subs ego and she even stroked his prostrate which he so loved. She turned him on and he felt a connection with her that he had never had with another woman.

He was a kinky Aquarius and she was able to feed his kinky side and he so enjoyed how much she cared for him. Like any man he enjoyed her attention but secretly in the back of his mind he so wanted to mount her.

She would never allow him to get any closer to her emotionally or physically but she did want to have a healthy sex life once again.  She so hoped that her fantasy man would come into her life and spread her legs only to fill her with his manhood.