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He traveled constantly and he spent more time in the bed on his private plane than he did in his own penthouse.  He would call his private chef and let him know when he would be home and the chef would prepare him a lovely homemade meal for a change.

So many wanted to travel and live the life he had been blessed with but even he tired of travel. He was wealthy, not rich and yes there is a difference.

He enjoyed a variety of foods and ladies and everything in between. He had a stable full of polo ponies and he invested wisely over the years. He had plenty of money, more money than any one man could ever spend.

He enjoyed sex but most of the women he bedded were typical sex partners only to last until he had his orgasm.  They never were really kinky or exciting and that is what he craved.

The one woman that held his interest was someone he felt inferior to as she was quite a dominant personality. He feared being rejected by her and he feared her laughing at him not with him.

He read every word she wrote and he looked at her pictures over and over. This woman wasnt young nor was she a thin woman but a woman of age and substance instead.

He never knew for sure if what she wrote was from her own experiences or if they were fantasies put on paper.  He thought about her constantly and he so wanted to taste her and he knew she was an exciting woman.

He wondered if she would be the type of woman to feed his sexual desires and his favorite fantasy.  He so wanted to be with two woman as most men did.

He wanted to be tied up and helpless to be used as any two women saw fit.  The very thought of a woman kissing him all over his body and then sucking his cock while the other one licked his balls and ass.

This was what he thought about more often than not and the fantasy of two women always excited him.  He would lie back on his bed on his way from one country to the next and masturbate to the thought of two ladies.

His fantasies always made him get hard as a rock and he was left more often than not to stroke his own hardness. He loved his fantasies and hoped one day that he would experience them.

What man didn’t think about two women? What man didn’t want to have one woman sitting on his face while the other road is cock?  What man wouldn’t love to be dominated by two women at once?

The very thought of a woman ordering him to lick her clit until she screamed out in pleasure was so hot to him while the other  woman rode his cock.  He loved licking a woman and he adored the taste of a woman and so wanted that perfect woman who would feed his fantasies.

He thought about their titties swinging freely and him fucking one on all fours while the other licked his ass. He had never experienced a prostrate massage and to think that a woman could give him such a strong orgasm using his prostrate was something of a curiosity to him.

He loved having his ass licked and having his cock stroked at the same was the best feeling in the world.  He wished he could find the perfect woman that would keep him satisfied sexually but it wasn’t so easy finding that perfect sexual fit.

The very woman that kept his attention online was his perfect fit but here he was a wealthy, famous man that had no pull what so ever over her. She wasn’t like the others as she didn’t want his money or what it could buy.

She wanted so much more as she wanted a relationship with just one man. She wanted a sexual commitment with one man and she wanted to grow old with her soul mate.

He on the other hand had just exited a marriage and he was in no hurry to commit to anyone any time soon. He knew what he wanted but he didn’t want just one woman in his life, not yet at least.