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She knows more about you than you know about yourself, she knows more about your personal life than most close to you. She has the ability to read you from great distances and she knows what your heart truly needs.

She knows you are quite complex and there is so much more to you than meets the eye. She knows you are intelligent, moody, emotionally needy at times and sexually deprived and kinky.

She knows you want that one woman who can sexually satisfy you, mentally stimulate you and physically please you in every way possible. She knows more than you would ever think.

She knows your true desires she knows your wants, your needs she knows you. You have hidden so much of yourself for so long from those around you but you cannot hide from her.

She does not possess black magic, she does not carry an ounce of evil within herself. She knows about you because the higher power over both of you gives her the information.

She cares about you because she knows the person you hide is in need of understanding. love and affection as well as attention. She knows what feeds your soul and she knows about your hidden desires.

She knows you have gained much wisdom with age but you still lack the one thing you desire the most. She can fulfill your every desire but you have to open up and let her in.

She doesn’t want your money, she doesn’t want to ride the wave of your fame, she doesn’t want to buy beauty, she  wants to be with you just the same.

If you allow yourself to let her close to you then and only then will you finally feel the things you have so desired. Let yourself trust again, let yourself be loved again, let yourself experience the joy that you have waited for. Let her in and feel happiness once and for all….. 

akai ito or unmei no akai ito