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It seems that sex can be contributed to almost any situation or item.  Even the alphabet speaks of the male as in alpha.  The alphabet is so powerful but few really realize how powerful it truly is.

The alphabet consists of twenty six letters and within that twenty six letters is the capability to destroy a human being.  It is the use of words that can bring down the  fall of a country, a relationship, self esteem and so on.

It never seizes to amaze me the power of a single word or several letters strung together as words and then words strung together to make sentences.

Words can be so harmful and hurtful but they also can be so reassuring and give us a sense of security. Without words how could we ever communicate?

The danger with words is that they can be used in a negative way to harm people. Liars, thieves, user and so on manipulate others by using the alphabet.

I prefer to use the alphabet to teach others and expose my deepest and darkest secrets.  I open myself up to scrutiny and judgement by those that do not know me or have even met me.

I so love to use my words in a romantic setting and I enjoy watching what my words can bring forth.  I can take a man from being as limp as a wet, discarded leaf to as hard as the trunk of a redwood tree.

I can use words to make love to a man and to open up a completely new world of erotica for him.  I can show a man what he should be feeling with my words.

Do you see the strength from the use of our alphabet? Do you appreciate the power you can derive from it?  Have you met anyone that has the ability to turn you on with words and keep you aroused?

When you are adventurous,  secure enough, man enough to open yourself up then come to me. Let me show you how I can use my words to make you feel so much more than you ever have in your life, let me show you my secrets.