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It’s Sunday morning and once again the sun streams through my sliding glass door.  I squint ass I look through the glass door wall and let myself get absorbed into the wonder of the outside world.

This world is such a beautiful wonder and so many of us take for granted what our eyes see. Most do not realize that one day will be their last day to see around them.

I pull the sheet and heavy quilted blanket up around my neck as I lie in bed and wonder. I wonder how many other people enjoy the feeling of the warmth radiating from the sheet that covered them and kept them warm through out the night.

I finally let my body take control and force me to sit upright and to exit what felt like my sarcophagi. Yes, it feels like I am entombed as I wrap myself up in the cloth that will keep me warm during my rest.

Heading for the bathroom which is of my morning ritual I expel the liquids that have sat in the reservoir of my body.  I sneak a peek behind the drape that hides the window.

I grab a some toilet paper and wipe the delicate area of my feminine power and rise above the throne. Exiting the bedroom I hear the morning sounds of Luna running through the house like she is being chased.

Sitting upon the couch I watch her in all of her glory playing with the ring that came off of the gallon of milk. Milk rings are her favorite toys and she bats them across the floor and under the couch and chairs.

She slides her slim body under the hidden space that has her milk ring and more often than not she is the victor and has the milk ring in her paws or mouth. 

Pets, ah yes pets are so happy with the simplest of toys and affection. We feed them, pet them, scold them, walk them, love them and most of us put our pets above humans.

Like Luna, I am happy with the simple things such as the morning sun lighting the beauty out of my window. I do not need expensive, fancy homes, cars, jewelry or gifts.

I am happy with the simple life and like a pet I thrive on love, attention, affection and the things that cost nothing.  I do not need wealth to be happy and frankly I do not believe there is a single wealthy person that is happy because of their wealth.

The bottom line for me is being happy for the sake of being happy and there is nothing that feels better and more comforting than having someone lie next to us and we feel their caring, their warmth.

What would make me happy every morning?  Bet you cannot guess what is my dream of morning happiness could be. Ok, let me share I would so love to have warm arms and a stiff cock to keep me happy. 🙂