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It seems like forever since I have let anyone into my heart and I still am not ready to move the latch for good. I am getting better at allowing people to touch me emotionally but to open up completely is just to scary for me.

I have no problem touching others especially physically but mentally I do try to connect with each and every person that crosses my path. Emotional connections are very powerful and can be very controlling and damaging.

I have to be careful with exposing my heart as I have been so severely burned in the past.  I will one day be able to open up completely to another but all I can say is baby steps my dear, baby steps.

I have found that bdsm relationships are the strangest yet the most telling about people. The dominant submissive relationship has to be contained and strongly controlled as emotions can run high.

The submissive tends to have an emotional connection with the dominant that is comparable to a love relationship. It is not and never will be a relationship of real love but it feels that way to many submissives.

When you find someone that accepts your fetishes and helps you feed that part of your personality you tend to gravitate very strongly to that person. The dominant at times can forget their true place in the relationship as well.

When you allow the sub or the domme to cross the line of sharing their bodies sexually then you have a problem. It is so common in any relationship to have one that cares more or does more than the other.

This doesn’t make either one a greedy or selfish person it just one of the dynamics of any relationship. The dominant needs to always stay in control emotionally or the relationship will suffer.

The submissive is looking to be dominated but when the dominant  allows their emotions to get out of control then the relationship will slowly crumble.

As the relationship breaks down its slowly subsides into a vanilla relationship. This has happened to many dominants and submissives and before they know it they have come full circle.

This is not what the submissive or dominant truly wants so both must be cautious not to let their feelings have free reign. You cannot plan to have a life with your dominant unless you are willing to keep the relationship in tact.

To many get emotionally involved and want to do everything they can to make their dominant happy. Purchasing expensive gifts is quite common and the submissive does expect reciprocation in one form or another.

This is a problem with people in both the bdsm and vanilla world. When you give a gift or do something for another it must be done without strings attached.

You should never do for another with the expectation of something in return.  If you give, give from your heart and it will come back to you one day.