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Relationships tend to run a smooth path when the individuals involved are getting on with each other. When you meet someone and you feel a connection then things tend to run smoothly.

When two people get angry words are spoken which can be harmful but then again those words can make one think as well.  I refuse to let anyone degrade me or make me feel small because I dont go with  their “flow”.

I dance to my own tune and I try to be considerate of others feelings. I tend to go along with most things until someone tries to force their will on me.

I refuse to let anyone tell me how to live my life and how to be a “better” mother.  I have learned long ago to let people believe what they will but not to allow them to force that will upon me.

I raised my children the best way I have known  and being a widow without any living family has made it very difficult at times.  I have always treated my children in a mature manner and I have always been honest with them.

Some have told me that I was giving to much information to my children for their ages but I didn’t pay any attention to their opinion.  I have found treating my children as young adults has taught them much.

They have watched me struggle damn hard and they take very little for granted.  The best policy I have found is always be honest and answer questions honestly.

My sub and I had quite a rift the other evening but after both of us cooled down we were able to discuss the situation.  It is nice to be able to discuss things and have a happy out come.

We have cleared up some grey areas and expectations and this has made our domme/sub relationship stronger. He knows there is no guarantee that tomorrow will be there for either of us.

I really do not enjoy having disagreements but they are mandatory for the growth of us as individuals as well as our relationships.  I like it when I can talk about my feelings and clear up any disagreement.

I am finding that I must be more flexible to make my  sub feel desired and cared for. I must remember that he is in a relationship he no longer enjoys but find it necessary to stay in.

I must also remember that I am not the easiest person to get on with and I can be quite over bearing at times.  The thing I like about my sub is he makes me think about my actions and reactions and that makes me a better person.