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Who is the writer behind the page? Who is the one that puts words to paper that have touched you? Who is this author that knows how you feel and what your heart has felt?

This person is I, the woman that has felt more, seen more and experienced more emotional experiences than your average person. I am connected to you but you cannot understand our connection.We are akai ito or unmei no akai ito yes we have that invisible red string wrapped around our wrists.

The pull is so strong but you keep attempting to ignore it.You see deeper into me than anyone ever has as you read what I write. Words express our deepest feelings and what hurts us the most and what makes us the happiest.You know that I am not someone interested in materialism and I do not put my desires into ownership.

I am one that finds a connection with another more important than the all mighty dollar.You find me fascinating and intuitive yet you are scared to death of the power that I have obtained over my lifetime. I can give you something you have never had as an adult and that is real love, a real friend that cares about you.

The Aquarian that you are makes you seek out the kinky and sexual deviant in a woman. You seek out someone that is deep and caring and relates to you. You seek out me my dear so put your fears aside and come to me.