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She stood in front of the glass door and looked out over the land that lead up to her back porch. Naked and feeling a bit of a chill her nipples erect and wanting the warmth of a male mouth.

He walked up behind her and silently put his hands on her hips and moved them up the sides of her body. Finally, finding her full, ripe breasts he directed his fingers to those erect nipples.

He moved the hair on her neck with his chin and she could feel his hot breath as he began to kiss her and work his way up to her ear lobe. He slid his tongue into the crevice of her ear as he massaged her nipples.

She leaned back into his body only to find him clothed. This was a huge disappointment to her but she would change things rapidly. She turned around quickly which was unexpected.

She grabbed him by the shirt and kissed him long and deep.  Ripping open his shirt, the buttons flew across the room. He had no desire to stop her as his cock throbbed with wanting to fill her.

She removed his belt and quickly undid his buttoned pants and unzipped them. Pulling them down as she lowered her body into a kneeling position made his cock jump with anticipation.

His huge cock hit under her chin as she positioned herself in front of him and licked the head of his cock. She massaged his balls and stroked him with her free hand as she took him into her mouth.

She took him inch by inch and the more she massaged his balls the deeper his moans. She then positioned herself so she could titty fuck his hardness.

He enjoyed watching her and he couldn’t stop the pre cum from dripping from his ready cock. She would occasionally bend her head down and lick his cock as she fucked him with her tits.

She pulled him down and he got on his knees she then pushed him back and slowly climbed up his body and positioned herself over his hardness. She made sure he watched as she lowered herself onto him and this made him even harder.

She rocked back and forth on him and the thrill was not lost on her. She couldn’t help but scream out as her orgasm shot through her body. Knowing what he was doing to her got him so excited he shot his hot cum into the area of her body that cradled his cock.

She fell to one side of him and they kissed passionately for quite some time. Then they chatted about how they would spend the day together enjoying each other.