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He had always enjoyed being a pony as he grew up and the feel of his sister’s girlfriend riding on his back was so erotic to him. He loved the thought of her riding him bare assed naked.

He new that she would never be naked or even partially dressed as she rode him but he really liked being treated like a pony.  This was his secret fetish and he thought he was the only one that secretly enjoyed being treated like a pony.

He was tired of hiding his fetish and never being able to enjoy himself until he found a new mistress. This mistress ordered him to remove his clothing and stand naked before her.

She inspected every inch of his body before ordering him to put on the pair of pony points. She also had a bit and crop and yes she would ride him. She would  not be naked but he got so hard just knowing that the warmth on his back was from her crotch.


She had placed the bit in his mouth and he felt the desire to prance through a field. He so loved ponies and horses and being treated one was damn exciting.

She rode him around her dungeon and used the crop on his ass to make him go faster. His new mistress ordered him to stand on his new pony points and she put a tail on him.

She put on a head dress and he looked right fitting as a beautiful pony should. She taught him how to prance properly and he made a wonderful pony for her.

She had flown both of them to California for a pony play parade and she had ordered a hand made cart. She attached him to the cart and he pulled her in the parade.

He was admired by many as his head dress blew in the wind and his tail tickled his ass.  Every time his mistress pulled on the reigns the bit in his mouth would tighten against the sides of his mouth.

That made him feel even more like a pony and he really enjoyed seeing other pony boys and girls doing the same thing as he was. He would do whatever his mistress ordered him to do as he was her private pony.