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It is so difficult having a relationship with someone that you like but do not feel anything deeper. I refuse to lead anyone on but when someone wants to be with you so bad that they refuse to read what is written on the wall, what do you do?

I have found someone has visions of grandeur when it comes to him and I. I like him as a friend and he has been very good to me but no, I will not ever be physical with him.

I will never swap body fluids or combine bank accounts. I will never marry him or let him be my “boyfriend”. I have tried to make it clear to him that I  am the dominant and he is the submissive and that is the extent of our relationship.

He is married and I refuse to cause any damage to his marriage. I have told him if he changes things at home then I will be gone. He has lost himself emotionally when it comes to me and I do not like that.

He keeps insisting that I am refusing to acknowledge how deep my feelings are for him. I keep telling him we have a domme/sub relationship and nothing more.

One cannot mix vanilla / bdsm world and expect it to work for both individuals. This is exactly why I never involve anything sexual in my sessions. 

I do not want anyone falling in love with me unless I feel the same for them. I feel that he is trying to push me in a direction I have no desire to go in with him.

I do not want to hurt him and I try to keep him from falling deeper for me but he cannot help himself. This happens to me more than it does to most women.

For some reason men fall in love with me and I just do not feel the same for them. I will know the man that is meant for me when he comes face to face with me but until then I am flying solo.