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My pets keep me entertained daily and my daughter and I  trade dialogue with them. The cats are always interesting as Luna especially refuses to let the bulbs on the Christmas tree stay on the tree.

She climbs up the center of the tree and when we yell at her to leave the bulbs alone she gives us that look that says “nope, not today bitch”.

Its so funny how we act like we are the voice of our pets and how we can make anything they do funny. The yorkies are no different and its so funny how they act after a bath.

Michael will bark and bark at Gabriel as if to say “come play you little dick”, lol.  I am always referring to Gabriel as my little dick because he is so small.

He refuses to play with Michael after his bath and its funny because Michael tries like crazy to get Gabriel to play. Gabriel looks at Michael as if to say “listen you asshole, dont you know Im wet and cold???”.

If our pets could talk I am sure they would give us an ear full and keep us laughing. Khloe our other kitty, she is one horny bitch as we never got her fixed.

She rubs all over us and wants us to blow on her little coochie or pat it I do believe. She is stimulated constantly and wants to get breed as much as a new bride.

If you have pets I am sure you have wondered what they were thinking and what they would say if they could speak. They are so comical and affectionate and I actually prefer my pets to most people.