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Do you ever sit back and let the the movie of your life run through your head? Do you ever get that warm and fuzzy feeling when you think back to a different time?

Do you ever wish life were like it once was and you had the worries of a child? Do you ever wish that you could feel that love you once had as a teenager?

Why must life be so full of strife at times? Is it the lessons of life that really make us stronger?  So many questions with so few answers leaves me wondering how different my life could have been.

If I had done things differently where would I be today? Would I be happy and carefree? Would I have the greatest love of all in my life?  The loneliness of my heart is clingy and this is so unwanted.

I see his face in my minds eye but does he see me in his? Is it wrong to care deeply for someone you have never met? Never spoke to face to face? Am I the fool of fools wearing the colored cap?

The film that flickers from one side of my mind to other runs in black and white as well as color. If I could cut out snippets would the picture show me where I could have been?

I wonder if there will ever be a time that I am so happy I cannot stop smiling. I wonder if those that read my words absorb them and feel how life has touched me, molded me.

I cannot change my past nor would I really want to but yes I wonder how my life could have been different. If I had only made one change in my life along the way, who knows where I would be today.