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From the  beginning of time patriarchy has been the way of life but so many men are prepared to step aside and let the woman take control. Men have always been known as the “leaders of the world” so to speak.

Men are able to put the thought of patriarchy aside and show their “delicate” side.  Women confuse men when they want them to open up and expose their deepest of feelings, yet be the strong male.

I have no problem with a man being strong yet can sit down and tell me how he really feels. I am not one to deal with anyone that is over emotional and clingy and I know why men do not like clingy women.

No one wants to have to carry another emotionally when it becomes almost a daily thing. Men do not want a women that is always showing insecurities and do what they can to hang on to the man.

I embrace the male thought when it comes to the clingy women. I cannot handle a clingy man but hey if your pet dies, then cry. If you lose a  best friend or sibling, cry yes cry as much as you need to.

I do not look down on men when they expose those emotions but if you constantly need reasurance that I will be there for you 24/7 and that I will agree with you 24/7 as well, well go fuck yourself because it won’t happen.

In today’s society men are under the gun all day and their professional persona is carefully molded. Men want the world to see them one way but their personal lives they need to show vulnerability.

A woman that expects a man to be their wall of security every minute of every day needs to check herself. Men do not want clingy, they do not want insecure.

Men like women that are strong and do not need directives. Men fear those women as well because they fear being persecuted for showing their emotions.

No man wants a women to look at him and think he’s a pussy for showing his emotions. Men just want to be respected by day and given freedom to hand over the reigns at night.

Most men enjoy being submissive after they punch the clock for the day. I am not saying they want to give up total control, but yes they like to give up the decision making for the most part.

I have the ability to “feel” when a man needs his space, when he needs to expose his feelings, when he needs to share sorrow, loneliness, emptiness and so many other emotions.

Women need to quit being so confusing to men and want them to be strong but bitch because they dont expose their emotions. In my world a man can be himself and be respected for being strong and submissive.