She walked into the bathroom and turned on the shower as she thought about what she would wear. She dropped her robe and stepped into the shower enjoying the heat from the water.

She stepped back under the shower and let the water roll over her head and down over her breasts. She reached over and grabbed the bar of soap in the soap dish and let the water cover it.

Once she had lathered up the soap she slowly rubbed it into the wash cloth which would mold itself to the crevices of her body. She washed her face, neck, arms and chest as she thought of what was yet to come.

Washing her lower extremities including her female area of pleasure she then washed her legs and feet. She then raised on leg up onto the shower stool and reached as far back as possible as she ran the razor from her ass to her pubic area.

She hated pubic and ass hair and she kept those parts of her body as clean and smooth as possible.  One thing she had learned using a strap on is you really need to shower daily and she could always tell when someone hadn’t showered before a session.

She hated the smell of dirty ass and there was no excuse for a grown man to smell of ass.  The last strap on session made her change her website to remind those that enemas and showers were a requirement or she would stop the session immediately.

She finished her shower and dried off with the plush beige towel hanging on the warming rack.  She wrapped her hair in the towel and slipped back into her grey robe.

She tied the belt on her robe as she exited the bathroom and she thought of the birthday present she had bought for her favorite sub.  He had decided that he wanted to pierce his scrotum to show his devotion to her.

They had gone to a genital piercing business and he had purchased a bar bell and a pair of handcuffs as she had requested.  He had gotten pierced and had the bar put in placed once he was pierced.

She had put the handcuffs on the bar later that evening when they were back at his hotel room. She refused to let anyone spend the night with her at her home.  She did sessions in her private dungeon but her bed, well that was totally off limits to anyone she wasn’t physically involved with.

Doing a session more often than not involved her to bring her client to the point of release but that took like less than two minutes. Most men could not hold back an orgasm once they were with her.

She was very sexually talented in more ways than one and she knew how important sex was to a man.  They literally came and went and most never could last the entire hour session.

She had sessions that lasted two and three hours but most were an hour session. She had given free sessions but they were far and few in between and only given for special occasions.

She walked over to her suit case which contained most of her bdsm clothing and some lingerie and she picked up the black faux leather bra and thong.

She then picked up a garter belt and stockings and she laid these items aside for the next day.   Her sub had never seen her in anything but full dress but tomorrow she was going to let him see her in sexy clothing.

He had erectile dysfunction which could be attributed to the medication he was required to take daily.  She never thought less of him and she felt frustrated that she couldn’t arouse him.

She knew that medical conditions could be controlled with medications but even medications sometimes could not change the situation. She was hoping that he would allow himself to explore the sybian he had purchased for her and she hoped that the prostrate stimulation would do the trick.

They planned on getting him pierced again as he had removed the bar before a medical examination and he couldn’t get it back in.  She knew that the cheap handcuffs he had purchased would end up giving him a terrible infection.

She had ordered him to remove the handcuffs and give them to her and he did as he was instructed.  She took them to a jeweler and had a pair of handcuffs cast out of white gold.


Her sub was like most men that had a kinky side and a spouse that didnt want any part of that side of them. They committed mental adultery but she never let it go past that.

She would never be sexually involved with her subs and she would always keep them from changing their relationship at home. She hated being a bitch but sometimes she had no choice to keep her sub in line.

Her sub had been very good to her and truth be known he had treated her better than any man had. He wanted her to have everything she needed to make her dungeon the best and he wanted her to live comfortably.

She was learning to accept his gifts without feeling that she had to reciprocate.  He was such an aquarius male and she being a female scorpio they had such a connection.

They could read each others minds and they would end each others sentences. This is how  the aquarius/scorpio always worked and yes both her kinky as fuck.

What she really wished for was a single aquarius male that was available to spend time with her and make her laugh. She wanted a man with a nice cock and who loved sex as she did.

She knew her mate was out there somewhere and she wished he would come to her. She so missed the touch of a male and sex was something she was starved for.

She believed strongly in connections and she knew that a higher power had control of these connections. She would continue to do what she had done for years and that would be to masturbate with a picture of him in her mind.