The widow mistress and her finally divorced sub decided to share a lovely, modest ranch home on five acres.  The sub always gave his mistress nice gifts and this year would be no different.

The sub had been searching for the perfect young slave house boy for his mistress. He had interviewed quite a few slaves but none seem to fit what he searched for.

Finally, after months of searching and interviewing slaves the sub finally found the perfect slave bitch boy for his mistress. The slave would stay in a cage in the corner of the mistresses bed and she would let him out in the mornings.

He was the perfect Christmas present and he would be molded by the mistress to perform handsomely for her. The slave was thrilled to provide for his mistress and he was a quick learner.

He would make the mistress morning tea and coffee for her sub.  The slave would be taught how to cook elegant but delicious meals that were also healthy.

The mistress would be so delighted to have a slave and he would be branded with the mistresses initials. He would be whored out to pay for his keep and he would serve the mistress and the sub as they wished.

The slave would be used as the mistress so desired and she would have several sessions a week and video the sessions. These sessions were put online for sale and she had quite the fan base.

She would order her slave to be naked at all times and when her sub was feeling the desire she made the slave suck the cock of the sub. The slave would bend over the ottoman for the sub to fuck when he saw fit.

The sub was very well trained and he would meet his mistress at the door and remove her coat and hang it up in the closet. He would remove her shoes and rub her feet, run her bath, do her laundry, dishes and keep the home well kept.

The slave was ordered to please the sub as well and he did as he was told.  The mistress and sub lived in the country on a beautiful piece of land and they would sit by the fire in the evenings and watch the sun go down as it glistened upon the snow.

The slave would bring them hot cocoa and homemade cookies and the mistress would allow the slave to join her and her sub.  The slave was always so pleased to be part of the “family”.

The mistress loved baskets and bows and the slave had made her a handmade basket filled with beautiful bows.  He presented this to his mistress at Christmas time and she adored the gift.

It didnt take much to please the mistress as she was not a material woman. She appreciated the little things in life and homemade gifts were acceptable if not desired.

Her sub had given her a lovely pair of diamond earrings and her slave had made cookies and homemade gifts as he had no money. The mistress and sub were treated to an elegant dinner made by the slave.

The mistress allowed the slave to join her and the sub for Christmas dinner and the three of them had a grand holiday. The slave would please the sub later that evening as the mistress sat back and enjoyed watching.

The holidays were a special time for all and the three of them enjoyed the beautiful lights and the crispness of the winter weather. Everyone had a lovely time during these holidays and the three of them enjoyed each other tremendously.