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When we find a great read or an author we admire we become addicted to reading their work. Addiction & fiction takes us places we wish we could visit in real time.

Then we have our stalkers, yes stalkers become addicted to following their prey and it is happening more and more online. The one good thing about an online stalker is he cannot physically hurt you.

An online stalker generally doesn’t reside close to you but can and yes they can become violent. The one that gets addicted to you online tends to live a very hollow life in many ways.

They may be poor or extremely wealthy but their lives are lacking in many ways. They are not getting what they need to be truly happy in this world and they get lost in the persons life that they follow.

It is really sad that this society as a whole lacks what it needs to be happy.  People have been tricked into thinking that money will get them true love and happiness.

Materialism has become a way of life for many and yes at the moment that they purchase or receive an item they are happy or so they think.  Happiness cannot be bought but can be obtained.

If we could turn back time we would find a much simpler life and a much fuller life. I so miss the family meals together, doing things as a family, being happy with a book or a conversation.

Unfortunately the world has changed so much that divorce is synonymous with marriage, men dating much younger women is a feel good, women become leaders in the work place and break down of the family unit has become standard.

To my stalker or stalkers, I welcome you with open arms to meet me face to face. I invite you into my life real time so I can show you what you are really missing and what you need.