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I have always been a very sexual woman and my sex drive has always been over the top. So many women my age have no desire to engage in any type of sexual act.

We  screw like rabbits when we are young, we produce our families and sex goes out the window for most. Women put their children before their husbands and that is the first step into the relationship grave.

Men try to stay committed but the desire to practice pro creation is to strong to deny. There is nothing more depressing then to meet someone that cannot sustain an erection upon will.

I have met so many men in their 50’s that cannot get an erection or keep one. Being so sexual the thought of giving a guy a blow job yet he cannot get hard is a real turn off.

I know someone who thinks “we belong together” but once again here is another man that cannot get an erection when he wants to. I understand that his age and medication have a lot to do with it but that doesn’t matter.

If you cannot please me sexually what good is it to take care of me financially? Money isn’t a top priority in my life but sex is and I need a man that can  fulfill my sexual desires.

Is it wrong for me to feel this way? I do not believe it is and I also believe that two people that are not sexually compatible cannot have a healthy relationship.

There is nothing more attractive to me then a naked man with an erection. I so enjoy the body and seeing a man naked gets me going every time.  The problem is I do not see many men that are relationship material that can sustain an erection.