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She had ordered him to finish the stand for the stockade but he chose to do other things instead. She told him she would punish him if it wasn’t done by the weekend.

He drove two hours to visit her and she took him into her dungeon to teach him a lesson.  She ordered him to remove his clothing and to bend over the spanking bench.

She strapped his legs, arms and his mid section. She placed the stockade in front of him and positioned his head and arms through the openings and then locked him in.

He had been bad and she needed to teach him a lesson and she started that lesson with a spanking. She spanked his ass with her hand then she started with various paddles, brushes, canes ect.

She placed a blind fold over his eyes and then she had her top stand in front of the stockade. She ordered her sub to open his mouth and the top slid his cock into her subs mouth.

He was ordered to suck the cock until the top came and as he sucked cock she put on her strap on. Walking around behind him she lubed up his ass and entered him with a finger, then two, then three.

After working his ass for quite some time and her top was close to cumming, she slid her strap on into the subs ass. She slowly fucked her sub and quickened her pace when the top shot his hot cum into her subs willing throat.

After the top was done she asked her sub if he had learned his lesson as far as keeping her pleased. He said “yes, my mistress, my queen” and she patted his red ass as she undid the straps.

She opened the stockade and removed his head and wrists and she cleaned the cum that had dripped onto his chin. She cleaned up his ass as well and told him never to displease her again.