We accomplish so much in our lifetime and some of us have accomplished great things. Being famous for writing a book, being an excellent sports player, drawing and painting wonderful art is not accomplishing much in this life of ours but so many thing so.

Fame comes to so few and what have they learned from it? How to be self absorbed? How to be arrogant fucks? How to be selfish bastards? Yes, yes and yes to all three and many more undesirable traits or acts.

I look in the mirror and I wonder who am I? I was once someone’s wife, someone’s employee, someone’s friend, someone’s lover. Of those things I am proud of none but I am proud of being a mother to my children.

I have had a damn hard life and my kids have watched me struggle and hopefully they have learned the hard lessons of life by watching me. I am a strong woman who wishes she werent so strong as strength has kept me alone.