He had planned a trip to visit his mistress for quite some time. The weather was great for travel and his wife was out of town for several days.  He had spoken to his mistress daily and he always thought about what they would do as far as playing.

His mistress had been extremely busy with school as she had returned to college to keep busy and keep her mind sharp.  She had two temporary ischemic attacks which affected her short term memory.

She thought about her sub and she was always concerned about his health but she had difficulty remembering dates and times of important appointments. When she first told her sub about the memory loss he wasn’t so sure she was being honest with him.

He did some research and found it true about short term memory loss as a possible side affect of a t.i.a.  His mistress hated the memory loss and she always felt like a failure when she would forget something important like her subs dr. appointment.

The sub could buy her beautiful gifts of candy, flowers, diamonds and he would take her out to dinner and to a show. He also enjoyed going to the local bdsm public parties and he watched over his mistress like a hawk over its babies.

The mistress wanted to do something special for her sub so she  planned on making him a lovely homemade dinner with desert. This was something that no one could ever put a price tag on as it was a heart felt gesture.

She was also planning on sending her son out for several hours so she could play with her sub.  She was hoping that her sub  brought the stand for her stockade as she had planned on using the stockade during their play time.

She was planning on positioning her sub on the spanking bench so she had easy access to his ass. She was planning on giving him a good spanking and then she was going to take his virgin ass with a strapon.

Her sub had purchased a small strapon cock that would slide up his ass perfectly without pain. He watched her with anticipation as she changed the cock she had in her strapon to the smaller one.

This is something he had wanted to try for a very long time but he was always afraid it would be extremely painful. His mistress would never hurt him and he knew that but in the back of his mind the fear hung on.

She grabbed the bottle of lubricant and lubed up his ass as well as the strapon and she positioned herself  behind him. She slipped the strapon into his ass ever so slowly and she took her sweet time in inserting the entire cock into his ass.

She had rendered her sub helpless as she had him strapped down to the spanking bench and she had put a blindfold on him as well. He was left at her mercy and he was enjoying himself so much.

She grabbed his hips and she slowly worked the strapon in and out of his tight ass until he was loosened up. She then began to fuck him deep and quickened her pace and her sub was so enjoying the experience.

She took a break from his ass and attached a parachute to his cock and added weights. The pulling down on his balls would make his orgasm so much more intense than anything he had ever felt.

She turned back to his ass and his cock and balls were fitting nicely through the hole on the spanking bench.  She had added quite a few weights to the parachute and he could feel the pulling which felt quite exciting.

As she slipped the cock back into his ass and fucked him good his cock got rock hard and he could feel an orgasm building. She kept thrusting into his ass and finally a rush of an immense orgasm took over his body.

His entire body shook with the strongest orgasm he had ever felt and his mistress kept fucking his ass until he was left with nothing to expel. She undid the straps and removed the blindfold and took her sub to her jacuzzi bathtub.

She ran the hot water and the bubble bath and she sat on the toilet as her sub stepped into the tub. She took the loofah and soaped it up and washed her sub and then she washed his hair.

She rinsed him off and then helped him out of the tub and dried him off. She then lead her sub to her bed and had him slip under the covers for a well needed nap. He was used to running all day but today he would allow himself to fall into a wonderfully relaxing nap. He closed his eyes and drifted off into a dream which mirrored his playtime earlier that day.