She new it was going to be a hectic day as her mind wondered to teaching her guards that she was serious and focused. Her uniforms were washed and ironed by the prisoners and they always made sure that the right amount of starch was ironed into the uniform.

She removed her night gown and put on the crisp grey uniform top and then she slipped on the matching grey skirt.  She had numerous metals  for her bravery during the war and she wore them proudly.

She brushed her teeth and put her hair in a tight bun that actually pulled her skin back from her face. She had a wicked grin on her face as she thought about those that she would punish severely.

She left the safety of her apartment and headed to her office and she expected her guards to be dressed in uniform and to be waiting in line for her approval. She was always driven by her own chauffeur and he knew what was behind this woman.

She wasn’t a cruel or hateful woman but she was firm in discipline and she demanded the utmost respect. He saw her gentle nature come out when she was taking her dogs out for a ride in the country.

He was the only one that ever got a glimpse of her gentle side an but he also knew how mean she could be. She gave sadist a new meaning, a richer, deeper meaning that went past the bone to the marrow.

She had one guard that didnt realize how dangerous it could be to steal from the warden and she crossed that line. She had gone into the wardens office when the secretary was away and the warden was doing rounds.

The warden had a beautiful brooch she had received from a dear friend years ago. The brooch meant so much to the warden. The warden would hold it in the palm of her hand daily and draw strength from it.

The guard had admired the brooch for as long as she worked at the camp and she couldn’t help but be seduced by its beauty. She sneaked into the wardens office and she picked up the brooch. She could feel the strength coming from it and she wrapped her fingers around it as she exited the office quickly.

She assumed no one would know who took the brooch and she felt safe and satisfied that no one would point a finger at her. She went about her daily duties and she even walked passed the warden several times during the day.

The end of the work day neared and all of the guards put their batons and handcuffs in their lockers. They chatted with each other as they headed towards to the exit gate and none of them expected what was yet to come.

The warden stood at the end of the hall by the exit gate and as her guards came into site she straightened her top and got ready for the interrogation of the group. She ordered them to line up with their hands by their sides and feet together.

She had them stand an arms length away from each other so she could walk around them during the inspection. None of them knew that the warden had e.s.p. and yes she knew things before they happened.

To get them off guard and to be relaxed the warden started her inspection by telling the guards that she appreciated all of their hard work. She went on to tell them that she was going to award three of them with gift certificates to show her appreciation.

As she told them about the certificates and the criteria she followed to pick the winners she walked up and down the line of guards. She looked at each one intently without their knowledge.

She told them that one of the criteria was honesty and the importance of being honest with the world around them as well as to themselves. She told them that honesty was a display of character and without honesty they had nothing.

She then asked them if they would turn in their friend or work associate if they knew that they had stolen something. She watched their faces as some of them looked puzzled, some looked as if they were trying to decide and some of them looked confident in their reply.


She walked the line of guards and asked each and everyone how they would respond to the question. She felt the nervousness of the guards as she worked her way down the line.  She watched them as some shifted back and fourth, some bit their fingernails and one in particular was slightly sweating.

She stood before them and announced the three winners and had them leave the line and stand in front of her.  She thanked them for their commitment to her and handed them the gift cards. As they looked at the value of the gift card they were quite shocked to see the amount on the card.

She demanded dedication from her guards and she excused the three winners. She then went to the end of the line and told them that she believed in rewarding dedication and punishing those that were not totally dedicated to  her.

As she walked the line of guards she handed them an envelope to show them that they were appreciated as well.  They also were surprised to receive what they thought to be a thank you card.

She told every other guard to turn around and open the envelope, they could look at what was in it but not remove it. The guards looked inside their envelope and they were surprised at the amount on the gift card they received as it was unexpected.

All of them  them received a gift card except one and her envelope had a smaller envelope inside it. She then ordered them all to face her and she asked each and everyone of them what would they do to discipline a thief.

Some said cut off the hand of the thief, some said tar and feather the thief, some said to use a ruler on the palms of the thief’s hands and some said  strip the guilty one naked and use her body any way they felt to.

She ordered the thief to stand next to her and to open her envelope. The guard did as she was ordered and she pulled out the smaller envelope. The warden ordered her to open the smaller envelope.

The expression on her face told the remainder guards that she was in serious trouble.  She took out the card and it said only one word. The warden ordered her to turn the card around and show her fellow guards.

They looked at the card and all of the gasped at the shock of what they read. The card said THIEF in large, bold red letters. The guard holding the card felt the embarrassment rise to her face which she knew was red by now.

She ordered the guard to follow her to a new piece of punishment equipment that the warden had specially made. She had the other guards follow her as well and to stand and watch.  She walked up to the guilty one and walked up to her and unbuttoned the top two buttons of her shirt.

She them grabbed the shirt and pulled it open as the buttons flew everywhere. She then ripped off the matching skirt and the guard stood in front of everyone in panties and a bra. She walked up to the guard and patted her on the ass as she used her other hand to go into the front of the bra.

Inside of the bra she found her beloved brooch and took it out. She showed it to the other guards and all of them sucked in their breath. They knew how important that brooch was to the warden.

They couldn’t believe one of their own would steal from the warden and especially steal something so important. The brooch was made of diamonds, rubies and emeralds and it was a very expensive piece of jewelry.

The warden didnt care about the financial value because that meant nothing to her. The brooch held someone more valuable than money could buy. The brooch was given to her by her dieing best friend when she was on her death bed.

She truly believed that the brooch had powers that protected her and surrounded her with angels. Her best friend had told her to hold the brooch everyday and she would feel the presence of her best friend.

She shook off the thoughts of memory lane and she cut off the bra of the guard and tossed it aside. She then ripped off the panties and through them aside as well leaving the guard naked.

She then put handcuffs on her wrists and ankles and she made sure the spreader bar had her legs spread quite a distant apart.  She then put nipple clamps on her and blindfolded her.

She then pulled out her tens unit and attached the pads on her labias and on each side of her asshole. She then whispered in her ear “I hate thieves and liars and you will beg or mercy.”

She then turned on the tens unit and she could tell the guard was uncomfortable. She planned on making the guard real uncomfortable at best.She increased the intensity which made the guard squirm.

She then increased to the maximum strength and the guard begged for mercy, just as the warden had told her she would. She left the tens unit on and used the violet wand on her nipples.

By the time she was done with the guard the guard was crying and filled with shame. The warden undid the cuffs and removed the spreader bar and the tens unit pads. She asked the guard did she have anything to say. The guard told her she was sorry and would never steal from her again and pleaded for mercy.The warden ordered her to leave her site and she had two guards escort her out. She was forced to leave the prison naked and cold.

The guards could feel the embarrassment the guard had felt and they also felt her shame as well. The warden had been easy on her in the other guards opinion but none of the would ever think of stealing from the warden.

The remainder of the week was quiet and the guards did their jobs to the utmost of perfection. Even the prisoners felt something had happened that was strange and unusual.


The warden went home for the weekend and she had been dealing with several prisoners that she had thrown in the hole. Their behavior was unacceptable and she had to decide how to teach them a lesson they would never forget.

She thought about it all weekend and when she returned to the prison on Monday her first order of business was dealing with the several undesirables. She ordered them to be brought to her office and to wait outside her office.

They were all macho men or so they thought and the warden decided to take away some of that macho bullshit. She had a spare room attached to her office and inside she had a prisoner standing behind a video cam.

Her cam was set up to interrupt any program showing in the recreation area. Most of the prisoners would be watching tv to pass their time. None of them were ready for what they would be seeing shortly.

The warden chuckled to herself and she was getting great pleasure out of knowing how humiliated the asshole prisoners would be. Her spare room had a large selection of whips, chains and bad things.

She had the prisoners follow her into her spare room telling them to get prepared.She removed the handcuffs from one of the prisoners but she left on the ankle shackles. She ordered the  other prisoner to remove his shirt.

They were being video taped and she had ordered the video photographer to flip the switch so everyone could watch on the tv. Those watching tv already were trying to figure out what they were watching.

They had been watching the basketball game but now before them was several of the prisoners. These prisoners were feared by all in the prison and the watchers didnt know what to expect.

The warden ordered the prisoner to rip off the shirt and take down the pants of the prisoner. She ordered him to remove his shoes, sox and underwear which he did with much hesitation.

She walked up to the prisoner removing the clothing and put a blindfold over his eyes. She then had all three of them follow her to the spanking bench. She put the one prisoner in the stockade and had him position himself on the spanking bench.

The one prisoner that was standing naked was ordered to stand in front of the stockade. The third prisoner was ordered to get naked and to stand behind the spanking bench. The prisoner on the spanking bench was the leader of the bad asses in the prison.

The badass was going to find out how much of a badass the warden was. She had total control over these three and they would learn to behave themselves. The other prisoners sat and watched the show and had no problem heckling.

They found it funny that such macho guys were being forced to perform bisexual acts that were yet to come. The video photographer had been ordered to film up close any oral or anal actions.

She ordered the one behind the spanking bench to lube up the asshole of the one on the bench. He refused to do as he was told so the warden touched his balls with a cattle prod.The pain shot through him and the next time he was ordered to do something he did it.

Part IV

He lubed up the asshole and he was given a large plug to shove into the asshole, which of course he did. He was then ordered to  walk to the front of the bench and stroke the other prisoners cock until he was good and hard.

The prisoner felt so embarrassed and then he was ordered to stroke the cock of the other one. Both of them stood at the front of the spanking bench stroking each other as the entire prison watched.

They couldn’t help but get hard and the one in the stockade was ordered to open his mouth. He refused so the warden put the cattle prod to his balls which made him open his mouth wide.

The other prisoner positioned himself in front of the stockade and the other prisoner was ordered to guide the hard cock into the open mouth. He was ordered to suck the cock while the other one was ordered to lick the balls.

After some time the one prisoner came in the open mouth and the other one had stroked his hardness until he was milked dry. The open mouth was ordered to drink every drop of cum and lick the cock clean.

He did as he was told and the other prisoner was told to stand behind the spanking bench. He did as he was told and the other guard was ordered to suck the limp cock until it was hard.

He refused and the warden took out her bull whip and whipped the prisoner until he begged her to stop. He told her he would suck the cock if only she would stop with the cattle prod as well.

He dropped down onto his knees and sucked the cock until it was good and hard. Then she ordered the plug removed from the asshole and the hard cock to take its place. She ordered him to drive his cock deep into the asshole.

The lube would help the cock to slide in but the size of the cock and the length would be painful. He grabbed the ass cheeks after positioning his cock into the opening of the asshole. He then drove his hard cock into the asshole driving it further and further in with each thrust.

The one getting fucked cried out in pain and kept saying no over and over while being filmed. The entire prison started clapping  and stamping their feet in delight to see such a macho asshole be taught a lesson.

The warden left the three of them and she told them she would return in time. She returned with a tray of fruit and cheese and she walked to the front of the spanking bench and grabbed the hair of Mr. Macho.

She had a strawberry in her hand and she told him to open wide for the berry, which he did. His mouth was very dry from his outcries and the berry was nice and juicy and felt good in his mouth.

She walked over to the container that had all of the sybian attachments and she chose the dildo that was about 2 1/2″ in diameter.She showed it to the macho man and she told him that he would be sitting on the dildo in short time.

He  wasnt prepared for such a large toy up his ass but the warden didnt care as she had all of the bullshit she was going to take from him. She ordered one of the other prisoners to undo the straps on his legs, middle and arms.

He was rude and a real smart ass and the warden wasn’t going to tolerate his abusive behavior. She had the video photographer set up the cam to get an up  close and personal video of the rude asshole riding the biggest dick he had ever seen.

She put handcuffs on him and placed his arms over a pole that was about five feet long. She had it pushed up against the back of his neck and he couldnt move his arms once he had been handcuffed to the pole.

She had the other two inmates stand on each side of the macho man and she had them force him down on his knees. The sybian was moved into position and the two inmates were ordered to pull his cheeks apart.

They did as they were told because they didnt want to me the next ones to have the dildo rip their asshole apart. The warden walked up to the macho man and she pushed him back onto the dildo.

Inch by inch she forced him down until the dildo was all the way up his ass. He had been begging her to stop but she refused to give in an inch. She then forced part of a banana into his mouth and she said to him “enjoy the ride” as she began to turn the knob on the sybian.

The sybian not only went back and forth it also rotated and the warden would increase both the speed and the circular motion.  It was not in the least an enjoyable experience for the rider but the entire prison was enjoying the show.

She then ordered the other two inmates to get on their knees, she ordered one to get move behind the other one and to push him down on all fours.  She then ordered the one to lube up the ass of the other one.

Once lubed she ordered the one to put his cock in the ass of the other while macho man watched.  She ordered the fucking to be a real fucking with deep penetration and thrust after thrust.

The video that was being made would be a great source of humiliation for years to come. The warden moved the tv that was on a rolling tv table in front of the macho man and she removed the cover over the screen.

To the macho man’s deep humiliation and embarrassment he saw not only himself but also the other two inmates. The warden asked him how he enjoyed being a popular actor and if he thought his career would take off.

The warden let out a devious laugh and then she slapped the macho man across the face. She had punished the three of them for two days and nights and they were totally exhausted and beyond humiliated.

The warden finally ordered them to get dressed and to return to the cell block. She told them if she had any trouble from them she would make the next visit to her playroom much more painful and embarrasing.