He had thought about his sexually motivated fantasies for ever so long. His wife no longer had any sexual interest in him and he refused to “force” her to have a sexual relationship with him.

He did enjoy the feeling of satin panties against his cock and balls and the feeling of  ladies stockings was also so arousing to him.  He decided to look online and see if he could find a domme that would play with him without being a danger to him.

So many domme’s online didn’t have their own play space and they played at hotels or motels. This wasn’t a safe way to play as it wasn’t only not safe it also was not considered private.

Most of the so called domme’s online were girls in their twenties looking to make a quick buck without producing the results their clients really wanted. He had read the ads and gone through them and finally found a domme that interested him.

She was his age, mature and experienced along with having her own play space which was private and safe. He set up an appointment with her and they met at the local restaurant where they shared a meal. They discussed what his fantasies where and what she was willing to do for him.

He followed her back to her place and just like he said when describing his fantasy, she had made sure there was a nice array of her panties and stockings for him to try on. He wanted her to “catch” him putting on her delicate items and then tell him what she was going to do to him and his little clitty.

She put the wrist cuffs on him and hooked him to the eyelets in the ceiling while she put the spreader between his ankles. He stood before her in her panties and stockings and she knew he enjoyed cbt so she pulled out the violet wand.

She teased his balls and asshole with the violet wand and then she decided to put the tens unit to work on his balls. The sensation of the violet wand and the tens unit was quite invigorating.

She pulled the panties down to his knees and then she ordered him to turn around and she shoved a plug up his ass. She then put the prostate attachment on the magic wand and she pulled out the plug and replaced it with the magic wand attachment.

She turned it on low and slowly increased the power and the more his prostate got massaged the more excited he became. He would move his ass faster and faster as the massager hit that one spot that was so fucking hot.

He loved the feeling and his cock began to get hard as he pictured himself cumming with the wand up his ass.  She took him to the edge of orgasm and then she removed the massager.

She then placed the hummingbird attachment to the wand and once she placed the latex gloves upon her hands she squirted some lubricant into the palm of her hand and warmed it up.

She then took his cock in her hand and stroked him in an attempt to make him harder so he would easily come when the hummingbird was put in place. The magic wand was a wonderful way to get a quick orgasm as no man could last more than thirty seconds.

She turned on the wand and slowly increased the speed of it until she could hear his soft groans and moans. She quickened the speed and the next thing she knew he was having the orgasm that he so desired.

She removed the wand and took the toys that she had used on him over to the sink where she washed them and disinfected them with bleach. She then let the warm water flow over the wash cloth and she walked over to him and wiped his ass, balls and cock until they were clean.

She then dried him and removed the wrist cuffs as well as the spreader bar. He was a happy man for sure and the orgasm was so intense it knocked him on his ass and he was ready for a nap.

She hugged him as she did with all of her clients and she wished him a safe trip home and told him to think about their session. She wanted him to contact her later and tell her how she could improve his next session. She always wanted her clients to experience their desires and she wanted to give them what they so wished for.