You like the music she chooses, you like the tempo and you wish you could sway with her naked body next to yours. She has a taste in music that feeds your own musical hunger and you  wish you could talk to her about it.

You follow her online and you read everything she writes in hopes that you will be brought closer to her just by reading her thoughts. You have realized that no matter how far or how wide you travel you just cannot find that one woman that will fill her shoes.

There is something so alluring about this lady and you just cannot turn and walk away. You must read and reread every word she writes and you wonder how much of what she writes is fantasy? how much reality?

You wish you could smell her hair after she has taken a shower and you wish you could touch her skin and feel how soft she feels. You want to touch her body in seductive ways and you want her to seduce you in all of your glory.

This woman is what a real woman surely is and she can fulfill every fantasy that you have ever thought about. She can also fulfill every fantasy you have yet to even begin to think about.

You wonder what her lips would feel like on yours and you wonder how her hands would feel roaming your body. You so wish you could be with her and let her shove you up against the wall and tear at your clothing.

You want to feel her hands on your stiff cock and you want to feel her rub your balls as she strokes you into ecstasy. This woman has power like no other woman and the fascination you hold for her is so controlling.