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She had been contacted by so many slaves, they didn’t even bother to give a proper introduction, they just sent her emails asking her to take them as her slave. Of course all of them said the same thing.

They promised to do whatever the Mistress ordered yet they had no experience as a true slave as the lack of branding proved that. So many wanna be slaves and wanna be real time mistresses were online looking for a hook up of one type or another but most were financially motivated.

The slaves were looking for a lover as well as the mistresses and the submissives had fallen into the same category. To many people couldn’t find love in the vanilla world so they reached out into the bdsm world. These foolish individuals threw caution to the wind in hopes that they would be loved and not used, which of course was plain bullshit.

The mistress was out on a lovely Saturday afternoon running errands and doing a bit of shopping. To look at her you would never know that she was a mistress in the world of bdsm and she never announced it to anyone.

She happened to be some new black leather outfits and the sales representative was happy to help her. He was interesting enough to have a conversation with and as he handed her different outfits to try on he got the nerve to address her as mistress.

She smiled at him and asked him how did he know she was a mistress and he responded “by the excellent choice of garmets mistress.”

The conversation starting out quite innocently and lead from one topic to another. He asked her if she was in need of a slave and she asked him if he was offering to fill that spot. He of course said yes and she just laughed and asked him what were his qualifications.

He said that he three years of being a slave but his mistress had been in a terrible accident which left her in the care of a nursing facility. Without having a mistress to serve he said that he was and lost. She told him that so many wanted to be her slave but none of them were real slaves. He said “mistress if you allow me I will show you my SLR number.

The mistress was truly impressed as she had never met a single slave that had a SLR number. He told her he would gladly hand over all of the ownership documentation that would prove that she owned him, that’s if she would accept him.

Together, they picked out several outfits that suited her quite well and looked awesome on her. He had excellent taste in womens attire and he had been trained quite well by his last mistress.

He always stood to her side slightly behind her and he only addressed her when she asked for him to respond. He asked her if he could take her to lunch as his break was starting in a few minutes.

They agreed on a nice local restaurant that afforded them privacy which they wanted so they could continue their conversation. He asked for permission to address her and she have him permission to do so

He asked if she would care to see his SLRN and she said yes. He turned around and faced the front of the restaurant so no one would see what he was doing. He lifted up the back of his shirt just enough to pull down his belted pants a few inches.


Just below his pant line was a tattoo that showed is slave number. He told her that she could confirm the number on the TSR as he was a registered slave. She believed him but she had learned long ago never to trust anyone’s word as she had turned into a “show me or blow me” type of person.

She went online to the TSR and looked up his number and just as he said he was registered. She ordered him to tuck his shirt back in and to set down. They chatted and ordered a lovely lunch and to her surprise he was well versed regarding food.

He had ordered some homemade pasta with truffles and tossed in truffle oil. That was an appetizer they both enjoyed tremendously as they spoke of his service to her. He went down the list of his skills and the things he had done for his mistress.

He made it clear he would do what was asked of him and he would go above and beyond her wishes if she would take him on. They finished their lunch with an agreement that he would come by her home after he finished his day job.

He showed up at her home on time and he entered her home with the demeanor of a true slave. He stood before her and waited for her to give him orders that he would happily follow. She introduced him to her sub and she ordered him to remove his clothing.

He stood before her naked, totally shaved from the neck down and he was in very good physical shape. She asked him to turn around so she could show her sub what a real slave was. The slave was quite impressed with the tattoo and asked the mistress if he could could show the proof of a true sub to the slave.

She then looked at her sub and ordered him to get naked, of course he was to remove each piece of clothing and fold it neatly and place it on the empty chair to his left.

He did as ordered and then said to the slave “ I admire your tattoo but I think my pierced balls have a much nicer appearance as the cuffs are made of white gold and a gift from mistress.

The slave smiled as told the sub that he thought the handcuffs were very nice and quit fitting for a sub. He then turned to his new mistress with his head bowed waiting for further orders. The mistress told him to sit on the ottoman and she then had her sub stand in front of the slave.

She then ordered the slave to suck the cock of the sub and massage his balls as he did so. She was quite entertained by the willingness of the slave as well as the moans and groans that escaped her sub. Just before he was ready to cum she ordered the slave to stop and then she had the sub turn around and bend over.

The sub was then ordered to lick the subs asshole and stroke his cock at the same time. As the sub bent over she ordered him to fondle the cock of the slave. It was the perfect “circle jerk” in many ways and both of them were extremely excited which she could tell by the hardness of both of their cocks.

She ordered them to communicate with one another on when they were ready to cum as she had ordered them to cum at the same time. Both of them began moaning and asking if each other were ready to unload their load and as they both said yes, the mistress allowed them to shoot their cum on the floor.

Once both had came she ordered the slave to clean up the floor and the sub was to follow her into the bathroom. She ordered the sub to fill the tub and once filled to get into it and relax while he waited for the slave. She ordered her slave to wash her sub and once done he was to shower. Once washed and dried the sub was ordered to go to bed and to relax and the slave was ordered into the cage under her bed that had stayed empty for many years.