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She was ten minutes early for their meeting and this gave her the advantage to pick where they would sit in the restaurant. She walked slowly yet methodically toward the booth in the furthest corner.

She slipped into the booth and ordered a coke as she sat and waited for him to meet her. She was  someone that got annoyed by those that set appointments and were late and she didnt tolerate waiting.

He walked through the door and she instantly could tell he had a feminine side that he kept hidden from the world. It was something tacit between the two of them as he didnt have to tell her about his secret desires.

He could tell immediately that she knew his deepest, darkest secret and he felt that she also knew he was wearing panties and a bra under his clothing. He had this desire to have breasts and had even gone as far as to take hormones so he had “little girl” breasts.

He was a tall and very thin man which made it easy to find ladies clothing that fit him. He also got so physically excited when his cute little nipples were tortured and his breasts flogged.

He had no desire to be a woman full time and his cock still got hard when he got excited. His only desire was to have someone play with him in a private and safe environment. This appointment would hopefully turn out in his favor and she would do a session with him.

She greeted him in a warm and friendly manner and she was very good at communicating with others. She made him feel accepted and comfortable and he felt that he could let down his guard and show her who he really was.

They chatted and she told him a bit about herself and he confided in her about his secrets, which of course she already knew about. She had had so many sessions that she had learned so much from and reading peoples “dirty little secrets” was child’s play to her.

She never insulted or made fun of any of her clients because like them, she had her own dirty little secrets. Her kids knew she was a pro domme as well as her sub but her neighbors and friends had no idea.

To look at her one would never know that she had a closet full of black leather outfits and thigh high boots. No one would ever guess that her basement was her private dungeon with a closet full of toys as well as a spanking bench, stockade, sybian and other furniture that was used in her sessions.

She was the only pro domme in her area that had top of the line equipment as well as her own dungeon. She had  a website that was obviously filled with pictures of her sessions but she never showed the faces of her clients.

When people visited her site they read the warnings she had posted about meeting anyone at a motel or hotel. She put warnings out for those that did decide to meet someone at a hotel and how to protect themselves.

She was more concerned with the safety of a person than the money she made from sessions and people could tell that she was no scammer. There were so many young girls using bdsm as a way to scam people.They would put a price on their services only to accept so much less as the money was all they truly cared about.

A real domme never compromises on her set prices and this domme was no different. She was a pro and she would walk away from doing a session rather than settle for less than her pricing. Her clients knew how much her sessions were before they met and yes she had several who tried to get her to take less but they failed.

She spoke with her sissy cross dresser and she had him follower her to her dungeon. She let him into the dungeon and ordered him to remove his clothing. She showed him the restroom and told him he could change into his feminine clothing.

It only took him a short time to  put on his sissy bra, panties, sweater, skirt and high heels. She complimented him on high long legs and like any sissy that made him feel fantastic.

She put the wrist cuffs on him and hooked each wrist to the eye hooks in the ceiling and then she put the spreader bar between his legs and hooked each end around her ankles. Once in bondage the domme put clothes pins on the sissy’s nipples and then she put on miniature clothes pins.

The pain was so enjoyable but the sissy wanted to feel more pain so the domme put the pads of a tens unit on each nipple and his balls. She then took the violet wand and on the lowest setting touched each nipple and the sissy’s balls.

As she increased the intensity of the sissy’s cock responded with an up and down movement. When the cock gets excited it will do a twitching movement and that is what this sissy’s cock was doing.

For the remainder of the session the domme slowly increased the intensity of the tens unit as well as the violet wand. Finally, the alarm went off letting both of them know that their session had come to an end.

The sissy went into the restroom and changed back into his male clothing and once she was back into the dungeon play area she thanked the domme. She gave the domme payment for the session and also gave her a very nice tip.

This sissy had found the perfect place to feed her fetish and she knew that she would be back to see this domme. The next visit she would request that the domme giver her the release she so badly wanted during her first visit but had made it clear she didnt want release at the first visit.

The sissy thanked the domme and the domme walked the sissy to the door and gave her the standard good bye hug. The domme was a warm and friendly person to everyone and that included her clients. She told the sissy to feel free to contact her again for another session and she would schedule her and the sissy left as graciously as she had entered the dungeon earlier.