He woke up one day and found himself to be a very famous young man. He had dated his wife since he was a young teen and his dreams always included her. They married and moved to another country because  of his talent.

He was unlike the typical man in so many ways but he was also as typical as many men. He wanted to have children and especially a daughter. He produced four sons but he would never produce the daughter that he so wanted.

As the years past by him, he and his wife grew apart and even though they both loved their children, money had afforded them the ability to send their children to boarding school.  His wife loved to dance and opened her own dancing school as well as chased her dreams as a clothing designer.

Little did she know that she was no designer and because of her husband’s fame doors opened  for her. Finally, their marriage took a crash landing that she barely survived but she did end up finding her way once again.

He loved the feel of freedom and he so enjoyed all of the random sex he had without worrying about a controlling wife in the background. He traveled extensively and he tasted many women from around the world.

He dated famous women as well as the non famous and he learned more about sex than he had ever experienced. He was a kinky fucker in many ways but he had yet to meet that one woman that would challenge him mentally, teach him sexually and take him back to a carefree life.

During the boring years of his faltering marriage he spent many hours on the internet watching porn and flirting with ladies on dating sites. To his surprise he found a woman that was very sexual as well as sensual and he found himself returning to chat with her over and over.

As the years past this one lady was always in the back of his mind and he could never completely shut her out. He found himself intimidated by her because she was so unlike all of the other ladies he had spent time with.

He was used to buying anything and anybody but this woman he could never buy at any price and that made her so much more desirable to him. He wanted to be with her so bad and he wanted to know if she really was the one woman that he had waited for his adult life.

He was aware that she wasn’t young and she wasn’t thin like so many of the ladies he had laid. He knew she was a strong, independent woman that would turn and walk away without a second thought.

He so feared rejection and he had been taught early in life that men were to be the controllers in the world. His wife was somewhat timid and she always felt inferior to the other women her husband worked with.  She wasn’t pretty like the others and she felt that her husband was more attracted to other women.

The truth was he loved his wife and never had any thoughts of cheating on her until the latter years of their marriage.  Now that he was divorced and had played the field for the last year he found himself quite a lonely man.

He wanted more than strange and random sex, he wanted a partner, a friend, a lover. He wanted the woman that would allow him to be himself and keep him stimulated sexually as well as mentally.

Deep down he knew the woman but he was to afraid of her rejection to move forward. She sat back and knew all of this but she was unable to do anything about it. She knew one day they would meet and on that day both of them would see their worlds change for the better.