When my husband had his leg amputated it was a whirlwind of emotions and changes. My husband had a pain in his leg which lead to a hospital visit which lead to a lazy Dr. not taking care of his patient but instead took care of his golf handicap.

Because of a Dr.s neglect the double aneurysm behind my husbands knee didn’t get diagnosed in time to  stop gangrene from taking over his foot. One would think gangrene is the skin turning a shade of green but it isn’t. The tissue dies and turns black and has a terribly repulsive odor.

The Dr. finally showed up and examined my husband’s leg. The Dr. came up to me and told me he was going to have to amputate my husband’s foot. He acted like he was asking if I would care for a cup of coffee.

My mind went into overdrive and out of control emotionally. I didn’t trust this Dr. who didn’t care enough about his patients to come in off of the golf course to check on them. I told him I wanted a second opinion and that I wanted him transferred to another hospital.

He nonchalantly agreed, like he had a choice-NOT. He said once I got the second opinion that my husband would be transferred back and the Dr. would amputate his foot. This Dr. didn’t give a shit that he was about to change the life of not just a man but his family as well.

My husbands employer had filed bankruptcy and another company was in the process of purchasing the business. The new company was under no obligation to hire any of the displaced employees.

They offered my husband a position after the amputation, that’s  if he could return to work within 90 days. This was going to be impossible so my husband  lost his job of 43 yrs. Being  a main boss in the business he lost his “power”, his benefits, his pension was reduced to 1/5 of what he was entitled to and his long term disability he had paid for for all of those years was now gone.

Rewind to the second hospital opinion which was unbelievably worse than the first Dr.s diagnosis. The second Dr.s opinion was at that point he was unable to save the foot let alone the leg and my husband’s life.

The Dr. ordered my husband’s system to be flooded with the most potent antibiotics so hopefully the gangrene would be limited to the foot area. My husband went into the hospital on April 27th and by May 10th his leg had been amputated and he was transferred to a local hospital for two weeks of therapy and his first fitting for his prosthetic.

I brought him home and put him in bed, gave him his pain meds and went to the living room and sat down. I sat back and closed my eyes trying to make sense of  everything that happened when all of a sudden my husband screamed out in pain.

He was having “phantom pains” which is when the body sends signals to the mind relaying that the body is feeling pain. It doesn’t matter if his leg was gone his body  was still feeling pain or so it thought.

I knew he was devastated at his losses, not only physically but mentally and financially as well. I knew he felt like he was nothing but a burden and that he had no desire to live. I knew he was feeling all of this yet I couldn’t grasp how deep his pain was.

He had been home a week and I decided that it was important to literally get back on the horse and have sex immediately.  It took some work on my part but I was able to make him hard enough for me to ride him.

We both had an orgasm which was needed by  both of us and it confirmed to him that he was still capable of getting an erect penis. He was capable of having sex, not like he used to but at least he could still have sex.