I’ve worked damn hard my entire life and one thing I am not is predictable. Yes, I am reliable and yes if I say I will do something I do it but predictable, no.  That is what happens to bury a relationship six feet under.

When you become predictable the spontaneity in the relationship leaves. When you get up the same time everyday including the weekends, when you leave for work the same day everyday, when you come home from work at the same time everyday without surprising your mate with something like flowers, candy, a kinky sex partner that is predictable.

I notice men that are well off are really predictable and they need to work for one of two reasons. They need to feel the competition of winning or they use work to lose themselves so they dont have to deal with how unhappy they truly are.

Ask a wealthy man how much a loaf of bread cost or a gallon of milk and they have no idea. Ask their wives and you get a blank stare as they have no idea as well. I see so many men go to work and hide themselves in it so they do not have to deal with their personal problems.

When your sex life  becomes predictable then you are in for trouble. If you  already know how your sex life will start and end then you are in need of some serious spicing up in the bedroom. This is why relationships derail most of the time. She is to tired and just goes through the motions without thinking twice.

Being predictable becomes a way of life and that is how two people fall into a groove, a groove that takes them down the divorce road. You have to keep the laughter in a relationship and the mental stimulation going.

You cannot do this by being predictable or never switching up your life. You cannot keep a relationship alive when both people fall into patterns that never change, not even a bit. I once was in a predictable marriage but I will never be in a predictable relationship again because I now know that predictable kills a relationship.