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This bisexual male dom had enjoyed his female submissives and slaves for many years but he always desired to play with male submissives and slaves as well. He knew one way to get a new submissive into his corner was to tell them about his new toy, Aneros Vice Vibrating Silicone Male G-spot Stimulator.

Every male in the world new about the fantastic orgasm with toy gave and it was a wonderful ploy to use. At a party this dom had ran across a submissive that he felt would fit right into his stable.

He told the sub about his new toy and the sub told the dom he would so love to explore the feel of the aneros. The dom invited him over to play and the sub accepted. They left the party in separate cars and the sub followed the dom to his dungeon.

Once inside the dom ordered his slave to prepare a warm enema for his sub and had the sub follow her into the bathroom. The slave had been ordered to administer the enama and then clean the submissive up and deliver him to the dom.

The dom ordered the sub to position himself on the spanking bench because he was going to suck the dom’s cock. While he sucked the cock the dom’s slave would be sliding the aneros into the well lubricated asshole of the sub.

The aneros had a vibrator that had different speeds and the slave would adjust the speeds accordingly. The dom walked to the front of the spanking bench and turned around exposing his asshole to the sub.

The dom ordered the sub to lick his balls and asshole while fondling his cock. The sub did as he was ordered and while doing so the dom’s female submissive put on her strapon. She slipped a condom on the strapon and walked up to the well lubed as of the submissive.

She slipped the head of the strapon into the subs ass and slowly worked the entire length of the cock into the subs ass. She started out gently but then began to fuck him fast, deep and hard.

The deeper she went the more excited he got and asked the dom if he could suck his cock, no he didnt ask he literally begged. The dom turned around and ordered the sub to open his mouth and the dom put his hand on the back of the subs head and forced his cock into the subs mouth.

He kept forcing his cock deeper and deeper into the subs mouth until he literally began to choke. While the male dom worked the front of the sub his female submissive removed the strapon and replaced it with the aneros.

The dom was really close to exploding in the subs mouth so his submissive increased the speed of the aneros so the submissive would cum at the same time as the dom. Both  men began to moan and shoot their loads, the dom shooting his into the subs mouth and the sub shooting his onto the cloth covering the spanking bench.

Once both men had extinguished every ounce of energy they had they both cleaned themselves up and thanked each other for a wonderful time. The slave saw the submissive to the door and placed the dom’s business card into his hand and told him call anytime and expect to be called at anytime.