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I bet most of you have no idea how truly remarkable the penis is. Even though the human penis isnt like most others as there is no bone and the erection  is accomplished by blood flow only.

The human penis also is the only penis that has a mushroom head. Did you ever stop to think why the penis has been designed the way it is?  I bet you didnt know that a woman can get pregnant from a man she has never had sex with!

Sounds impossible right?  Nope, quite possible and has happened as well. When a female has unprotected sex with one male and he leaves his semen in her that semen has a life span of up to five days in the female body.

If she then has sex with another male that sperm can lodge itself onto the penis, especially the men who have that shar pei penis. Dont know what a shar pei penis is? Its an uncircumsized penis, all that extra skin reminds me of a shar pei dog.

The first man’s semen lodges itself on the second males penis and if that second male has sex with another female without cleaning himself of course, there is a possibility of that piggy back sperm being transferred into the woman.

I also bet you have no idea why the male penis has a mushroom shaped head??? Of course you dont as most people have no idea. The shape of the head gives the male the ability to push out any other mans sperm.

When the male thrusts the head of his penis has the same affect as a bullet. When a bullet hits its target the bullet pushes aside the material it is penetrating. I am sure many of you think “what woman would have unprotected sex with a male she doesnt know or has just met”?

In today’s world women and men have no respect for their bodies and sex is nothing but a quick hook up. Many women use sex as a way to trap a man and many find out that men wont marry you if you do get pregnant.

Do you really want a connection with someone you have no desire to spend the rest of your life with? Do you really want to take a chance of being a mother or father at this stage of your life? Do you want to feel a commitment to a child that was created out of a one night stand?

I dont think you do but I do think you might think twice before hooking up for an unprotected quicky. Im sure you will not be stupid enough to use the condom that has been in your wallet for months.

Hopefully, you have the good sense to use a newly purchased condom  that you have had in your hand and your hand only. Im sure you would never trust a woman to give you a condom as she may have put holes in it.

For those of you that have been smart enough to use protection be smart enough to dispose of that used condom. Do not  trust any female with a used condom as they can easily take the semen from the condom and insert it into herself.

A smart man or woman not only don’t have random sex they have protected sex. Once the male has finished with his orgasm he should go into the bathroom and remove the condom and wave by by to it and its contents as he flushes it down the toilet.

Also, avoid the condom breaking during sex by giving extra room at the tip of the condom for the sperm. Giving that extra room gives you added protection in case the condom moves up the penis. That extra room for the sperm will also keep the head of the penis from breaking through the end.

Now you probably wonder why I have brought up the subject of the lovely male penis and I will tell you why. I hear to many young people doing hook ups and never see the person again and I think being knowledgeable can help keep you safe.