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She enjoyed wearing ladies clothing and she also enjoyed the feeling of being an attractive woman. She took hormones to grow small breasts which she enjoyed having nipple torture performed on.

The mistress showed her where the bathroom was and told her to feel free to change from her male street clothing into her lavender bra, crop top, mini skirt, garter belt, stockings and high heels.

She was very tall and thin and her legs went clear up to her ass and were quite shapely. She cleaned up nicely for a cross dresser and didnt wear those tacky wigs. She had good taste in clothing as well as shoes.

Amanda enjoyed the feel of being helpless and when the mistress put the wrist cuffs on her and hooked her to the ceiling eye bolts Amanda being to get excited. The mistress put the spreader bar on each of her ankles and Amanda’s little clitty got extremely excited.

The mistress pulled up Amanda’s skirt and she put clothespins on Amanda’s little clitty and also on her nipples. Amanda really enjoyed cbt and her clitty loved the sensation that came with the violet wand and the tens unit.

The mistress flicked her nipples and pinched her tiny breasts and Amanda was so enjoying the feeling. The mistress turned and walked to her toy closet and she removed the tens unit and walked back to Amanda.

She attached new electrode pads to the tens unit and removed the clear covering on the sticky part of the pads. She then put the tens unit pads on Amanda’s jewel bag and on her clitty as well.

The four electrodes were placed strategically to provide the full effect to the groin area. It was funny how some of her clients enjoyed the tens unit pads put on either side of their asshole. The mistress would have them bend over and spread their cheeks so she could watch their asshole dance with every pulse of electricity.

Amanda also enjoyed the violet wand so the mistress once again opened up her toy closet and took out the violet wand and its attachments. She plugged it in then sat it down and turned her attention back to the tens unit.

She turned on the unit and turned it up slowly just to give a nice little pulsing of electricity. Picking up the violet wand and turning it on she talked to Amanda as she put the wand to Amanda’s nipples.

She was thoroughly enjoying the two sensations and the mistress would go from her breasts to her balls. She would increase the intensity every few minutes and Amanda’s little clitty began to grow.

She got extremely excited from the sensations but she didn’t want release. The mistress would do little things to make the clitty real hard and then she would do things that made the clitty go limp again.

This form of tease and denial drove Amanda crazy but she would get no release as she had told the mistress at the beginning of the session that there would be no release requested. Mistress was always good at listening to her clients desires and she knew that Amanda would really enjoy a release but that would have to wait until the next session.

The alarm went off and the session was over and mistress told Amanda to return to the bathroom and transform herself back into the vanilla world male that she really was. She also told Amanda that she could have had an awesome release but she had told mistress that she didn’t want one.

Amanda was driven to the sexual edge over and over without the release. This build up drove her to fantasize about what the mistress would do to give her the awesome release she had spoken about.

She knew that she would have to schedule another appointment soon with this mistress. She had really enjoyed her session and she enjoyed the mistress as she let Amanda be herself and there was no judgement.

The mistress understood the psyche of people especially those in the bdsm world and she accepted everyone for who they really were. She knew that everyone had secret desires and she was glad to feed those desires.