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Food plays a large part of our lives besides nourishing our bodies. Meetings at lunch or dinner are shared and deals are sealed over a meal. Our family memories are surrounded by food as well.

I always looked forward to Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners with my family. Im referring to the family that raised me and knew me back when. I so enjoyed the camaraderie that was part of the occasion. 

Those dinners were a time of family uniting for a few hours and catching up on everyone’s lives. Dinner was made by my grandmother who was the best southern cook in southeastern Michigan.

I am so glad I learned how to cook and the smells, o yes those smells remind of my grandmother. I am a damn good cook but I could never hold a candle to my grandmother. My ability to cook is being passed down to both of my children and my son has laid claim to my cast iron skillet.

Food seems to be part of almost every special occasion in our lives starting with our marriage. If you were one of those people that had a wedding with many guests then of course dinner was served.

Remember when you gave or received your engagement ring? Did you receive it over dinner or celebrate with a meal to follow? How many special occasions have you been to that involved food?

So many women today do not know how to  cook so they are unable to teach their children. This is such a shame because traditional cooking brings forth traditional foods made by your mother, father, or grandparents.

I have yet to meet a man that didnt enjoy a home cooked meal as home cooking is so much better than eating at a restaurant. I do feel sorry for those that spend hours on end traveling and living out of hotels and eating take out.

If you want to put a smile on a man’s face then cook him a meal at home and of course men always like two things that is a home cooked meal and pussy and if you do not agree with me then you do not know men.