She rode the elevator and as she passed each floor one by one she could think of nothing more than the evening she had planned ahead. She reached the nineteenth floor and as she stepped out of the elevator she breathed in the lovely aroma of the bouquet of flowers she was holding.

She walked down the lowly lit hallway and noticed that every cubicle was empty and the only light was the hallway back lighting and the light coming from under the door that she was heading for.

She opened the door and she let the flowers enter before she did. He said to her “what a lovely bouquet of flowers my dear.” She walked over to him and showed him a little surprise she had in the center of her bouquet.

It was an awesome vibrator and he so enjoyed watching her masturbate and it didnt matter if it was in front of him or he was sneaking a peek. His cock always got so hard when he thought of fucking her or burying his face into her lovely juices.

She laid the flowers down on his desk and told him to remove his clothing. She sat down on his desk and spread her legs so he could see that she was wearing no panties. He could see her erect nipples through her blouse and to see her lovely beaver was so hot to him.

As he removed each piece of clothing she got wetter and wetter and couldn’t help herself but touching her moistness. She put the collar on him and the lead and she had him follow her around his office on all fours.

She sat down and pulled him in front of her so she could place her feet on each of his shoulders. Once positioned in a comfortable position she lifted her mound to his lips and pushed his head into her dripping wet pussy.

What he didnt know is she had let in a friend of hers when he wasn’t looking and as he licked and sucked on her clit she motioned for her friend. She walked into the room with nothing on but stockings, garter and heels.

As he buried his face deeper and deeper his lovely lady had ordered her friend to crawl on her hands and knees and come up behind him. She then gave another hand sign that told her to lick his ass and balls and stroke his cock as he ate her pussy.

She did as she was ordered and his cock was loving everything that it was experiencing and he loved the taste of his woman. He also enjoyed the power he had when he could give her orgasm after orgasm.

As he stroked her clit and licked it the other lady was sucking his cock and rubbing his balls. She knew exactly how to suck a cock and he loved it when he didnt have to give  guidance when he came to pleasing him sexually.

He couldn’t help himself and he shot his wad into her mouth as he continued to suck on his girl friends clit bringing her to an orgasm. His cock instantly got rock hard again and he flipped his girl over and drove his cock deeper and deeper.

She enjoyed the feeling of his cock and with each thrust she got more excited. He had the ability to make her have multiple orgasms and that was something new to her. He fucked her deeper and deeper and she begged him to give her every inch of him.

They ended up changing positions several times and all three of them ended up having a great evening of fun. He was also as lucky as he got his cock sucked his balls rubbed and he enjoyed several orgasms.