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Its been one of those days, the kind of day you just want to close your eyes and forget. You walk over to the bar and pour yourself a scotch neat and you turn and head towards the sofa.

You sit down and loosen your tie and take a healthy drink of your drink. You kick back and remove your shoes and lift your legs with the leg lift. You find yourself getting very comfortable and you begin to think about one of your favorite fantasies.

You are lieing back in the chair with your feet up and you feel your cock twitch. She is so attractive and intelligent and you can see her cherry red lips  and you begin to wonder how those lips would feel on your cock.

You rub your hardness and decide to undo your belt and let your stiff cock spring free. In your mind you can see her lovely breasts and the desire to touch and suck on her nipples is extremely powerful.

You begin to stroke your cock as you imagine her sitting on your chair facing you. You imagine her telling you to guide your hardness into her wetness. The thought of such an act is  extremely alluring.

You can see her riding your cock and she rides you right into a field of orgasmic sensations. This woman just keeps you thinking about sex all of the time and you can see her getting up from the chair.

She orders you to lie back in your chair and she then places her clit just above your lips and she orders you to lick her until she cums. You begin to stroke and suck on her clit while you finger her pussy.

She is stroking your cock and she decides to turn around so she can suck your cock as you suck on her clit. Both of you are extremely sexual and you  are so enjoying yourself as she squirts as you cum and together.

Before you know you you fall asleep in your chair but not before putting your cock away. You find yourself being woken up by your secretary and you have that cheshire cat smile on your face, only you know why.