Why are so many men going through the stage of self awareness or should I say you’re kind of lost and tired of living in a rut. You’ve been married for what seems to be your entire life and you have done all of the right things.

You find yourself checking out porno online and masturbating under your desk. You find yourself wanting the touch of a woman. You want that feeling that makes you feel like you’re walking on a cloud.

You do not really want things to change at home but then again you do and you want your freedom to do what you want with whomever you want. You find yourself going to the same coffee shop because you think the waitress is a cutie and she flirts with you.

You find yourself thinking of her more often than not and you want to feel your skin to skin with her. You want to feel her breasts, her moistness, her soft skin. You find yourself asking her out for lunch.

The two of you start off innocently but then you cross the line of no return. You get a hotel room and the two of you fuck like rabbits. You are so taken with her and you so love how she makes you feel desirable.

Here you are forty five years old in bed with a thirty year old, now arent you special. She pegged you from the moment she met you and she knew you are well off financially. She wants that security and she is not beyond attempting to get pregnant.

You find that you enjoyed her stamina and how she so enjoyed life to the fullest. She can go from morning until night and you keep up with her for a while. Then you start to realize that you have already walked the road that she is just beginning to.

You enjoyed those years but you really do not want to relive that time again. You enjoy getting your cock sucked and fucking and she makes you feel like such a man. But then over time she starts doing that ownership thing, wanting to know where you are going when will you be back who are you going to be with and all that crap.

You no longer want to deal with this young lady but you dont want to hurt her feelings either. So what do you do ??? You have a soon to be x wife and a soon to be x girlfriend but you finally realized that you want time alone and you want a woman that can entertain you, keep you mentally stimulated, a woman that has her life together and doesnt need a man to survive. Yep, you finally have ran the course and are now ready to deal with a mature woman and have a mature relationship.

  You finally realize that this young lady may be fun for a while but you are tired of dealing with someone that you have to basically school. You do not want to get married again and have more kids and no you do not want to settle down. This is how I am seeing  it going down and I respect how most men are able to realize that their younger girlfriend is nothing but a fling and are able to keep a distance emotionally.