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Today was going to be fun and exciting and sexy of course. As she slipped her foot into the right pant leg of her new latex suit her mind began to wonder. She slipped her left leg into the suit and zipped it on over her hips.

She positioned her breast so they were not only comfortable but made themselves quite desirable as well. She zipped up the suit and slipped on her thigh high leather boots. She brushed her hair and put it up in a bun and she added the slightest bit of makeup but it was just enough to enhance her beauty.

Her bimbo whore cross dresser was ready and willing to do anything his mistress requested of him. He was a kinky fucker who would try anything new and he even had begged his mistress to be her human toilet.

The mistress was totally disgusted by the thought of anyone being a human toilet and  nada, nope she wasn’t going engage in “distasteful unpleasantries.” She would never stoop below her own standards regardless of how much someone wanted her to do it.

She had clients that would pay her handsomely if she would piss on him and then sit on a queens throne so she could piss in his mouth and drink every bit of her sweet nectar. She didn’t see it that way and she made it clear she would not engage in acts of that nature.

The mistresses bimbo whore would be used as she saw fit and she did have a couple of clients that wanted to be forced to suck cock. Why do they call it forced bi? No one is being forced, its all a mind fuck that people like.

They like a strong female telling to remove their clothing and come over to her. They got off on how easy it was for the mistress to call them a cum sucking useless little bit that should be wearing panties and sitting in the corner sucking on his thumb.

Her clients just loved that and so enjoyed when she humiliated and disgraced them. They obviously tie their childroom experiences into adult fetishes. If you listen when people talk they will tell you all about themselves and how they are tied to their fetish.

She had a lot of cross dressing clients and that was an easy one explain. As children we are immediately put into m/f group. We are to dress a certain way and to play a certain way and moms/sisters clothing was a definite no no. So many little boys get turned on by the feel of stockings or panties and that is how their fetish begins.

The stockings shimmered a little bit in the light as the pair of stockings were hanging over the show door. He couldn’t help but sneak a touch and it shot a jolt through his body. His little adolescent  cock got rock hard.

He double checked the door to be sure it was locked and he slid the stocking down through his hands. He unzipped his pants and he began to rub his cock on the stocking and before he had even realized it he had cum all over the stockings, his pants and his hands.

He cleaned himself up and the stocking and he hoped his sister would never know what he had done to her stocking. Every chance he got he would masturbate on her stockings and the experience was so pleasurable that it followed him into adulthood.

She had a client later that afternoon who wanted to do the forced bi thing so she had her bimbo whore dress the part. She was to wear her red wig, red lipstick, panties, stockings and garter. She was ordered to sit in the chair in front of the stockade and the client was ordered to lie on the spanking bench and his head through the stockade.

She ordered the bimbo to get his little clitty hard so her client could suck on it. The bimbo began to get hard the more he thought about getting a blow job. The thought of another sucking his cock never bothered him and he was even open to getting fucked in her pussy hole.

As the bimbo’s cock got hard he held his cock up straight and forced it into the mouth of the client. The client was ordered to suck the cock and get better drink every bit of the cum juice. The bimbo wanted nothing more than to let his wad go but he knew he better not unless he was given the ok.

His cock and balls ached because he wanted to cum so  bad and he began to ask the mistress if he could please cum. After him begging her for what seemed like an hour she gave permission for the bimbo to cum.

The client wasn’t prepared for how fast and warm the cum was and as it shot into the back of his throat. He licked every drop and while he was doing that told him what a pathetic piece of shit of a man he was and he instantly got rock hard again.

He loved coming to see her because she said exactly what he liked to hear and she treated him exactly like he wanted to be treated. He had been with plenty of women but not a single one of them got him as excited as this mistress did.

She ordered her bimbo to come to the back of the spanking bench and she ordered him to fuck her client. Her bimbo did exactly that and they both wore masks that covered their eyes so the fantasy got more intense when one cannot see.

She was glad she had covered the spanking bench with a small blanket because her client just shot his wad all over the bench and so did the bimbo. He ordered the bimblo to get a warm cloth and to clean the client.

She ordered him to put the small blanket into the wash and to be sure to add bleach. Her client heard the timer go off and that was his que that the session was over. He dressed himself and handed her the fee they had agreed upon and he gave her a fifty dollar tip for which she thanked him as she walked him to the door.