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The mistress had been very nice to her pet and she had let him out of his cage that was positioned at the end of her bed. She had him meet her at the door of her dungeon and she ordered him to remove his clothing.

He stood naked before her and she admired his body but she also knew that his greatest desire was to please and only her. He loved being humiliated and degraded and he so adored being used for the mistresses pleasure.

She had a special thong made just for him and it was the funniest thing she had seen in a long time. The front of the thong was made to be a snake and he looked rediculous wearing such a thing.

The mistress had ordered him to his hands and knees and she put the collar around his neck and clipped on the  leash. She looked at the clock and knew any moment that her client would be joining them. Sure enough a second later the door bell rang.

She walked her pet on all fours to the door and she ordered him to open the door. He did as he was told and she ordered him to take her clients coat and give her client a drink. She undid the leash from her pet and she wrapped it around her clients neck.

She pulled her client to her and she whispered in his ear, you my dear will be sucking cock very soon. She knew the very thought of such an act excited him to no end. She had him follow her into the main dungeon area and she ordered him to get naked.

He was somewhat embarrassed to get naked in front of her but he knew that she had seen many men naked and it was no big deal. He lost his erection when he started to disrobe but he knew she would make him comfortable and his cock would jump to command.

She ordered him to walk over to her so she could put the cuffs on him and hook him spread eagled. She ordered him to bend over and she tied his wrists behind his back and hooked them to the ceiling.

She walked around him and summed him up as she slid her hands into  hospital grade gloves and as she reached his ass she stuck her finger up his ass and gave him a slight prostate massage.

She ordered her pet to walk around the front of the client and to remove his silly thong. He did as told and she ordered him to get hard so the client could suck him. The pet did as told and the mistress walked around to the head of her client.

She whispered in his ear you will suck this cock and swallow every bit of the cum. She squeezed opened his jaws and she guided the pets hard cock into her clients mouth. As the pet moved back and forth the client sucked the cock.

She asked the client if his dick was hard and the client choked out a yes. The mistress stepped into her strap on and she slid the lubricated condom over top. She walked behind the client and told him get ready my dear because here she comes.

She to the tip of her strap on and guided it to the entrance of her client and slowly she moved back and forth going deeper each time. She grabbed his hips and finally thrust all the way into his ass.

Her slave was standing in front of the client and the client was taking every inch of the slaves cock. The slave was ordered to shoot his wad in the clients mouth and the client was ordered to swallow.

This is what he had paid the mistress to do and he didnt want her to give in and let him get away without totally fulfilling his fantasy. He refused to  swallow the cum as ordered and he spit it all over the floor.

The slave was ordered to go upstairs and make a nice lunch for the mistress and the client. Since he refused to do as told the mistress had him lay on the spanking bench and she strapped him down.

He was not going to get away without a serious spanking and the mistress started spanking with her hand and then moved up to paddles, flappers and other spanking toys. The mistress spanked him until he begged her to stop.

She gave him a few more good swats then undid the ties and had him get up and get dressed. He was very pleased with their session and he told her so. She asked if he would like to stay and have a snack and a drink and he agreed.

They sat down and enjoyed the meal that the slave had been ordered to make. He told the mistress about his marital problems just like every other client. She knew every one of them had a spouse that would be appalled to find out their husband’s had such kinks.

The mistress on the other hand understood men and sexuality and she understood the importance of sex in a relationship. She told her clients that they could totally rely on her to keep their business private and that is what kept them coming back, her understanding.