Things that tell you its time to stop dating someone because they are getting to involved with your life or  become controlling. They live with their mother, dont have a car, dont have a job,  they start bringing clothes over and leaving personal items in the bathroom.They get your mail and read who its from, start reading your email and text messages. 

I really hate jealous and controlling people and I refuse to let anyone move into my life unless I want them to. A huge mistake many make is introducing their children to someone they have begun to date. Your kids shouldn’t meet your new partner for at least three months because you can bet your kids will tell your x and that may cause friction.

Dont settle for someone that doesnt make you feel ecstatic and go after that one person that holds your heart. We need to find that one love to enjoy our older years with because life is truly to short to settle. People tend to show their true selves within ninety days. Our annoying little habits show themselves.

An example is when you get a phone call and your partner asks who called or who an envelope is from, what you and your x talked about, whats going on with you and your kids.  These are things that become very annoying and the more ammunition you give your mate the more they will support the negative.

Maybe I am an odd duck but I want a relationship that allows us to be ourselves, we have our separate lives but we have our together lives as well. We enjoy each others company, intellectually, emotionally and physically. I am asking to much????

I had surgery last week on my left rotator cuff and im on the mend so I wanted to throw something out there for you to think about. I will try to come up with something hot and erotic while Im healing.  I had surgery on my right rotator cuff two years ago and thankfully the left isnt as painful.