He was gifted beyond his years and he was able to make quite a nice living which spilled over into his life of retirement. He had held the top scorer position in his sport for the last decade or so but even that to was coming to an end.

He sat back and watched the up and coming player finally passed him in most scores. This was hard on his ego for sure as the take over goal would take him out of the limelight as far as the record holder.

He was quite proud of his sporting accomplishments as he should be but along the way he became arrogant and full of himself. He had been snatched up early in his career and he was a household name. But now that he will be losing the title of number one, life wasn’t looking so pretty.

He knew one day this would happen but he didnt realize how much it would affect him psychologically. His life had many ups and downs and he had it all at one time which encompassed his place in the sporting world, friends and families.

Like so many that play a sport end up retiring do to medical reasons and he was no different. His life was coming full circle and he was starting to realize what was really important in his life.

He realized that all of the material things he had wanted he had purchased long ago, he had traveled to almost every country he wanted to, he had married, raised a family and divorced and he will want to find someone to enjoy his golden years with.

He enjoyed being single and not having to answer to anyone but why couldn’t he have that and a great relationship? Why did he or should he have to answer to anyone? Why couldn’t he just enjoy someones company without all of the commitment/ownership that comes with trying to build a relationship.

So there he sat lost in his fantasy as he  watched  the bottom of the white satin nightgown flapping in the wind. The moon was full and he could see her erect nipples through the material. Her long blonde hair was being blown by the wind as well.

It was as if she had come out of his dream and into his real life. She glanced at him and smiled as she began to walk towards him. She took his hands and held them to her breast as she licked his earlobe.

She couldn’t help but rub his cock and the stiffness turned her on so much. She became quite wet and he was enjoying feeling her nipples, down her abdomen and between her legs. He was so turned on he was about to bust a nut with little or no help what so ever.

She sat on his desk and had him sit in the chair and scoot up to the desk. She lifted her tight gown as she rested her legs on his shoulders. She grabbed his head and forced his face into her wetness.

She was so excited she couldnt wait to cum and he had her on the edge. He backed off of her and reached to pull her up. He took her hand and led her to the couch and he undid his belt and zipper and pulled down his pants.

His rock hard erection wanted nothing more than to rest in a nice warm, wet place. He slipped between her legs spreading them apart with the strength of his inner thighs. He positioned himself and he entered her with a rush of excitement he had never experienced before.

She wanted him so badly but she would not allow him to treat her the way he had treated so many others, I mean seriously she thought to herself. No she wasn’t going to be a piece of ass, a fun time, a quick lay.

He was so taken aback at her rejection of him he literally turned three shades of red in embarrassment. He apologized to her and asked her to please excuse his behavior. She was just as guilty as he was but he felt it be important to be a gentleman.

She pushed him off of her and she told him that he wouldn’t treat her the way he treated so many young ignorant girls he was boning or had boned.

The one thing she did know about him is his greatest desire was going to come true.

He wanted to be a coach like so many other players when they retire. This would happen soon enough as he had been working towards a coaching position. He was also getting tired of skanky women, cheap pieces of ass and ignorant women. Actually he was sick of ignorant people in general.

He was like so many others as he fed off of the attention of his fans. He was famous but he didnt realize how empty he would feel once he no longer held records. That is why he wanted to coach, so he could feel that winners adrenaline rush again.

He loved the power he got from being famous and at one time getting any piece of ass he wanted was part of his life. He did a fuckathon and got his fill of random pussy but he finally realized that quality not quantity was important.

His life was going to go through several drastic moves and one would be his involvement with an older, more mature woman who would teach him much and his employment status would change and he would once again dazzle the world with his skill and talent.

She walked up to him and kissed him hard as she let her hand drift down to his cock. She began to fondle him as she kissed him. She told him he was going to give her what she wanted and that was cock.

She wanted him to fuck her and she ordered him to do so. He was taken aback because the women he had fucked never would ask for cock even if they did give up pussy. Women just didnt ask for sexual favors because they werent secure enough.

She had gotten his cock beyond rock hard and she whispered into his ear come with me my dear. She took him by the hand and lead him over to his desk. She bent over the desk and lifted her dress and spread her legs wide.

She told him to spank her hard and then fuck her like the true slut that she was. She had turned him on so much but he never expected her to ask for a spanking. He loved spanking bare asses and hers was no exception.

He spanked her ass until it was beat red and then he grabbed her by the hair and pushed her further over the desk. Here she was legs spread, ass red waiting to be fucked deep hard and fast.

He finally had her exactly where he wanted her and he put his cock into and then drove his cock as far into her as possible. He couldnt help but ride her like the true filly  that she was.This was a wonderful fantasy of his and one day he would make it come true.

The roar of the crowd brought him back to reality and he looked up at the tv to see the player being praised for beating his record. He sat alone because he just couldn’t bare to have anyone see him feeling so deflated. He ended up getting a bit of solice from the fact that he doubted anyone would hold the record he had held for so long. Yes, he may no longer be the player with the most goals but he was a player that held records for years and he doubted anyone would ever beat those records.